Yamamoto + Harugumo = Dakadaka (8kills, 256k DMG) World of Warships

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  1. Yamamoto+Harugumo=keine Kutusow für Pasch ^^

  2. I like the part where he fired his guns…

  3. 9:47 kraken moment

  4. 12:28 – 14:25 just pure trolldom right there

  5. My god this guy’s team was soul crushingly bad….

  6. Paper Ship cancer.

  7. Way too trolly when u get kraken u just make boats feel bad about the life decisions that led them there

  8. Why the hell does this ship exist

  9. Damn… while holding down LMB when his HP went below half… only 3 of his turrets were actually firing. When AR and Yamamoto’s boost kick in you’re gonna need to continuously double-click in order to bring ALL of your cancer to bear….

  10. Next time just get the guy to hold the fire button the whole game

  11. very balance DD….

  12. Raul Alexandru Bota

    Because a dd is perfectly able to do all this, why do we need BBs and CAs or CVs… The game was good I get it but seriously if this is balance…

  13. What was that Edinburgh player thinking?

  14. Pointer finger must be thicc

  15. Let the Melting commence! (That poor Kutuzov…)

  16. Great job, but the last shots were stupid – he only risked to get killed and loose the battle for nothing…

  17. Common comments to a Harugumo replay:
    -‘I like the part where he fired his guns’,
    -‘RIP local fish population’

  18. Why cant some people just keep their hands away from the keyboard when it is needed.

    Noooooooo, they have to do something. It is an urge they feel deep inside. That urge is kreeping up their brain the longer they cant shoot at something. The urge gets stronger and stronger by the second and then they take their sticky fingers and press a button. Just to get a last shot off no matter if it might cost the win.

    Thank you Montana-Player, thank you for showing your profile here at the end!

  19. Hold the left mouse button down and listen the the drum n bass ?

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