Yamamoto-Musashi 15 Sec Reload Murder them all | World of Warships

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Description LosBombos89:
Game on Island of Ice
6 Kills
2.8k Base XP
High Caliber
Devostating Strike

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  1. Musashi or Missouri ?

  2. The Scharnhorst impress me, she could sustain all that Musashi’s damage and just after four salvos she sinks.

  3. Hey Leute, wie einige sicher mitbekommen haben ist in WoWs gerade ne Aktion, wo man 4 Premium-Schiffe erhalten kann wenn genug Freunde/Kameraden etc. ein Schiff auf Stufe 5 bringen. Ich wäre !MEGA! dankbar wenn ihr mich unterstützen würdet, weil ich sehr gerne diese Schiffe haben möchte und auch nicht die finanziellen Mittel habe um mir diese zu kaufen. Ich kann mich leider nicht dafür bei euch bedanken aber ich wäre super happy wenn ihr das machen würdet! LG Tom und DANKE/THANKS!

    • Wie du weißt, haben wir schon alle WoWs, der eine ein der andere mehrer Accounts XD
      Ne, aber im ernst, ich drück dir die Daumen dass sich jemand über deinem link aktiviert, finde auch nicht schlimm dass du es hier reinsetzt, weiß nur net wie es der Panzerknacker findet ;)!

  4. Keine Ahnung wo das ´´Antworten´´ herkommt xD.

  5. buy the time you get the kracken skill for 15 sec reload the game is over. dont like that for yamamoto captain.

  6. Where 15s reload?

  7. The background of the thumbnail that you are using is the war criminals used in World War II in Japan, like Nazi’s Hakenkreuz, Japan massacred hundreds of civilians with that flag. So please don’t use it.

    • this is fact 🙁
      The flag was first used by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1870 (the Meiji Restoration, 3 years). It was also used as the Japanese Imperial Navy flag in 1889, and was used by all Japanese soldiers.
      The flag represents the Japanese military, which is the subject of the seizure as a symbol of Japan`s imperialism and militarism. Therefore, the victims of the crimes such as East Asia and Southeast Asia, which were targets of exploitation, feel very negatively.
      Today, Japanese far-rightists have even demonstrated with this flag and Nazi’s Hakenkreuz together.
      Because Japan excluded ‘modern and contemporary history’ from its curriculum, Japanese youths can not even learn that.


      Yes, I am aware of that, thank you. As you have rightfully established the fact that you do actually know how to read Wikipedia, I will cut you some slack. I will concede that the flag represents the Japanese military. That is cultural. As the Japanese people are very conformist people, that will not change. Period. However, Japan’s imperialistic and militarism lies in what one knows as a history book. I assume you are not aware that in the Japanese constitution, it states that, rephrased with my own words, will not build an aggressive/ invasive force and will maintain that only for self defense. Oh, and in case you have misunderstood, when I said that this flag was used under the IJN, I meant the JSDF, the modern Japanese navy. I apologize for the confusion. I will also refute your point on the part where the people of East Asia, namely China ,and SEA, south east Asia, feel negatively. I highly doubt you’ve been to SEA before, so I shall enlighten you. The modern generation, millennials, gen-z, are actually quite neutral or even are quite fond of the Japanese culture and her people. So as I said, do get your facts right.

      Last of all, why are you even trying to complain about this on a WoWs play through? What is the point? There is no harm, they are not advocating anything. They are just using a historical symbol to make their thumbnail look nice. If you have issues with the imperial Japanese flag, why don’t you complain to Abe instead? If you’re looking for attention, congratulations, you’ve got it.

    • Why do you think that flag is so good in the sense that you are now in Japan?
      Although they don’t think it hurts, they are all criminals and criminals. Despite all the exploitation and crime with that symbol, they lacked the apology of East Asia.
      The reason why they now use that flag is that the U.S. military government, which began right after World War II, finally ended due to the Korean War. After American intervention was removed, the symbol of exploitation was again sought.
      If you don’t know the history behind the victim’s shoes, you can talk nonsense like you.

      You like Japanese culture?
      You can. I also respect and like Japanese culture.
      But I don’t like people who don’t want to remember their brutalities at the time.

      I think you’re the one who needs attention :p

    • Speaking from the prospective of someone that knows and loves Japan, not using that flag would make no sense. I mean, do you ask Italy to not use it’s flag because it’s the same that was used in WWII?


      Not my point here. Read my reply again and tell me where did I say, the Japanese did not commit war crimes during ww2. Also point me out where did I say the flag was good. Even if I did, I said it was appropriate for the video’s context. Right now, all you are doing is, frankly, being an eyesore to the people who are trying to watch this gameplay. I understand how the people might have felt because of ww2 Japanese actions. My sympathy lies with the victims. However, my condolences are not with people who start arguments with the idea that they can change history. No my friend, you cannot. And frankly, I couldn’t careless about the circumstances of the flag. Tell me, so what if this flag is used here? Are you hurt? Injured? Insulted? If so, grow up please. The devs cannot cater to one person.

      In summary, I understand the crimes Japan has committed, I assume that both of us know the cultural significance of the flag and her people. This is a world of warships YouTube video, not a CNN complaint festival. Therefore, the flag is very appropriate as a thumbnail, the point that you seem to conveniently ignore and therefore will be used as such. Anything else? Because I do believe that this argument has just been concluded.


  9. Mal blöd gefragt. Wie geht das mit dem Zoom ohne Fadenkreuz? Jedes mal wenn ich reinzoome dann hab ich das Fadenkreuz auf dem Schirm

  10. 10:00
    Missouri: My armor is da best!
    Musashi: Hold my sake.

  11. why put yamamoto in musashi? put him in yamato is more sensible decision

    • Liger-Zero Maybe, just maybe he dosen’t have Yama, or want to make more credits or level his capatin faster cuz it’s a premium ship.
      Or he just like Musashi better.
      What a stupid comment.

    • Marc // OneManArmy

      Liger-Zero you know that you can switch commanders from non premium ships to premium ships for free (no retraining required, but the commanders must be in the same nation exept some premium commanders that can be used both for Germans and the Japanese )
      So its pretty dumb to NOT but yamamoto on the musashi

  12. my yamato masacre musashi

  13. Uchuu senkan…wait a minute

  14. I will never understand why ships still show their broadside even though they are already under fire from musashi ^^

  15. Wish they’d do 95% reload time reduction and invincible ramming at 8 kills.

  16. I love the music in the end what IS the name of it ?

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