Yamamoto on Akizuki – 1.7 sec gun reload :-) World of Warships

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TCG_Kocatepe_D354 VIII Akizuki
Yamamato on Akizuki – 1.7 sec gun reload 🙂 World of Warships
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  1. Zoom in, zoom out after every salvo. Very annoying to watch.

  2. Deadly ship , in the hands of a smart, talented player!

  3. Shahnewaz Siddique

    8:49 wow,wth

  4. Oh the world of warplanes bgm at the end

  5. João Pedro Couto Cruz

    All these idiots crying about the zoom in zoom out. The purpose of the video is to demonstrate Akizuki’s potential, not fullfil your wishes regarding a player behaviour in match.

  6. Man, the chat got pretty toxic for a while there….

  7. At the very end it looked like his reload was 1-1.2 seconds! And the zooming in and out doesn’t bother me since that’s how most of us play.

  8. GG but the zoom

  9. The Tasty Sausage Biscuit

    Firefox ad on a Google Service. GG.

  10. Yamamoto Isoroku
    Make IJN great Again !

  11. zoom in and zoom out That’s Only For the Genius Players☺

  12. Jolly Roger IV ? OK boys, this serious !

  13. I thought Yamamoto had red smoke on the tracers?

  14. Holy shit!! Poor T6 ships 😉 Great game!

  15. Zoom in zoom out wtf learn situational awareness and how to use your map as far as skill not much here the enemy team was getting rolled was a fish in a barrel all those torps n only a couple hits …

  16. How to have à reduced reload ?

  17. Is your shift key broken?

  18. Türkün gücün biləcəksiniz! ????

  19. Hunter mode, cold blood.

  20. its so fukin annoying how u zoom in and out each time u fire, it gives me a headache

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