Yamamoto saves the game || Yamato 9 KILLS || World of Warships

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  1. vídeo ótimo continue assim

  2. Uchuu senkan Yaaaamaaaatooooo

  3. A memorable basta game in my opinion. The best thing is that the enigmas at least were not or seemed to behave like beginners or boats controlled by Artificial Intelligence.
    Continue your work, Panzerknacker

  4. Terrible aiming

  5. lucky guy

  6. Someone in chat being armchair Admiral

  7. Kannst du denn Game Sound in deinen viedeos nicht ein bisschen lauter machen wäre voll nice

  8. nothing remarkable about that game except activation of commander

  9. con la tranquilidad que jugo es desesperante muy buen video

  10. I feel like some of these players are using some sort of aim bot system

    • joshuafrothunder ha? Aimbot? No it’s experience …. plus sigma 2.1 on Yamato. And use dynamic viewfinder not the static one. He had issues to kill off some targets so ….

    • lol you europeans- horrible at everything.

    • Mr.CoolGuy and Americans are excellent in getting fat.

    • +SebaX Well first of all I know how to play and second of all I seen some videos of players using aimbot to show viewers what it looks like.

    • +joshuafrothunder this guy for 100% didn’t use anything. He would wipe the enemies . See how long it took him to kill the Hipper. Sometimes I do have great RNG of oneshoting everything and sometimes not. I know that there are cheaters in this game… But not that one. Had a battle that Warcester was hitting me on Republique from 17-18 km (all shells hit all the time) and maneuvering all my volleys…. I can tell you I had much better battle than this guy on my Yamato if we talk about damage and hardcarry this weekend soup 6 kills 289 k damage.

  11. Making tier 8 cruiser priority target is the essence of tier X games. He lost half of health tring to kill that Hipper.

  12. woouuuuiiiiiv !!!

  13. In this Map 1 2 D E F and 9 10 D E F it’s a zone where u can’t support your team so wasting Time zone

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