Yamamoto – Slaughter on Strait – World of Warships

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If Want to me and my Chanel :

Danke !


  1. Le first? I am first again. gg

  2. my dream this commander on my Yamato … but I don’t have xD cruisers :/

  3. Fabulous play

  4. Hi my idol, I need U play Yamato in this week.

  5. Great game where it all came together for average playing. Kamikaze is a great ship indeed. Wide spread torping and often not using torps well considering fast reload. That last smoke and approach was “interesting” to be kind…

    If you have Yamamoto, you can use him on this ship any time (as this is premium).

  6. Classic seal clubber,who can’t play tier 10 and clubbing on new players, WTF is the special of this,Kamikaze main players is the lowest form of players in this game 🤬🤬🤬

  7. This man deserve some great medal. Tprpedoes master

  8. Unlimited torpedo reloads ?

    • yeah just like high tier ships which can fire thousands of shells in one match

    • W Song
      ….? Do you not know DDs have infinite torpedo reloads? Do you even play this game?

    • @Nikoolix Yes and NO, I knew the infinite torp and No I dont play, because its “FREE”. Yeah right . Free. WOW went to great length to have fantastic realism, Armor thickness, deflection angle etc. If the DD has this unlimited torp reloads, why bother to “upgrade” to CA, BB or even CV ? You obviously play this game, so far, how much had you spend on this “Free Game” ? You did not “buy” that USS P.R. I hope not.

  9. That thing is a menace to honest and hard working BB’s! 🙂

  10. Nothing special to see a player murdering bots

  11. what did the rest of the team do…. nothing LOL

  12. Don’t really see how this is worthy of an upload.. The enemy team is playing like a bunch of bots/new players..

    • this is called seal clubbing. this player must be an experienced one. guys like these, occasionally use lower tier ships to destroy new/inexperienced players.

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