Yamamoto will not accept defeat under any circumstances || World of Warships

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  1. Pahlavonjon Odilov


  2. good old Atago ^^ my first T8 premium back in the days =)


  4. I personally use the hydro on my Atago, because the AA for it isnt that great anyways.

    • Cipher66th
      so atago must equip def aa mandatoraily when you see cv que up in MM
      cuz even T6 cv has no issue flying over her and devastate her

    • +CHC_WB I dont see CVs that often with my Atago anyways, from personal experience, so I consider it a necessary sacrifice to not equip defensive AA. Even with it active, Atago’s AA capabilities are still not that good compared to other cruisers.

    • Cipher66th
      all IJN ships except T10 have dreadful aa…
      meaning of bring def as is just defend itself(or team right next to you)
      However i said “if you see cv queing up”

      In my personal experience,
      Atago was my first devastion from full hp when I was riding T6 Independence :p

    • +CHC_WB Yeah, I understand.

  5. was that duke a bot?

  6. Adalberto Gutiérrez

    Lol that ASASHIO omg

  7. Now that was a beautiful thing. The double strike came at the perfect time.

  8. I cant help but see what all the other player do, DD at start doesnt spot, then he just charges enemy crusiers!!!


  10. Damn so good fight

  11. very well played!

  12. All those comments in team chat…

  13. Gabe Aradi War Correspondant

    Love the ship, best premium ever.
    This gameplay were impressive, however I couldn’t understand why shooting full salvos instead of sequential firing?
    A lot more easier to follow the enemies movement while turning.
    Anyway, cgrt.

  14. very nice!!

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