YAMAMOTO ZAO 317k dmg 8 kills 3,4k base XP || World of Warships

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  1. sturmpanzerwagen ATV


  2. Shame he doesn’t use the Zao’s great armor piercing, sure her high explosive is great but her ap is equally great.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      People still don’t realise Zao has the best 203mm penetration in the whole game.
      The only reason why it is trumped by USN Super Heavy 203s is because of the USN auto bounce.

    • Trades46
      Des moines has the issue of having bad shell velocity over long distance, while Hindenburg, despite having high alpha, has very bad penetration in comparison. Zao’s AP actually has the highest AP penetration of all 203mm cruisers, combine that with the good stealth you are the best T10 cruiser at surprise-sniping broadsides from 10km. So those who only spam HE from far away aren’t using Zao’s full potential, but that also depends on the game of course. If everyone is angled you don’t have much choice and obviously stick with HE.

    • He completely missed to opportunity to ap that conq. I hope he’s not one of those players who complains about the conq and only fires HE at it.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      Zao’s HE is inherently superior in every regard with almost a guaranteed 2 fires if all your shells connect. Her long reload time means you can’t take chances with her AP unless you see a fat broadside to shoot at.

      If you want insanely powerful AP, there’s Moskva and Des Moines. At closer ranges, you can citadel BBs to death with them. And before anyone says anything…you should *NOT* be fighting at close ranges with Zao unless you have a deletion wish.

  3. Sun Tzao

  4. Who shoot at him? Nobody.

  5. Great game but just not that exciting of gameplay to watch – long range HE spamming.

  6. new 12 km torps are very good….and when i am with my zao..i am always target no 1…so this is a lucky game of 250..

  7. Very nice, he transformed to a hindenburg woth stronger HE 😛

  8. The Sailing Robin

    Good kiting and long range engagement witch is one of the many Zao’s playstile, but duuuuuuuude you have 12km torps use them more often! Especially on that pushing Izumo and Alsace! You had a clear shot.
    But man that Hindy reload is scary… Great game regardless.

  9. A last second kill! Nice one!

  10. The Ugly Barnacle

    Wish I got enemy teams like those. In my Zao games I have at least 3 people aiming at me the instant I’m spotted.

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