Yamato 1SHOTS Montana without detonation | World of Warships

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  1. Well…..
    OK, not 1 shoted but DERPED UPON 😀

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Nice to know a Yamato still nukes a silly broadsiding Montana once in a while… Meanwhile *looks at Canceror and Kurfurst*

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      Well, there is only one problem with underwater penetrations, I have no idea if there is a mechanic that allows that to happen in the current game, at least it happened in the Closed Beta, but I have never seen that in the almost 2 years that I’ve been in this game, I think it’s more of a myth than sharp-angle fire, which at least still exists in the form of the Yamato class with a range upgrade and the reconnaissance plane if they’re used at the same time.
      And I do not ask those cannons only for the sake of NUKE to all the other gaming vessels, if as a way to keep Yammy-San as the Empress of the TX and that can keep up with the powercreep that means every new branch of battleships that are introduced, and still missing the Italian, French, South American, Spanish and Austro-Hungarian battleships, which would not surprise me if any of them could, in more than one way, send Yammy-San in his current state directly and without scales to oblivion.

    • If someone can actually nuke a Conqueror with a oneshot, I will nominate them for sainthood.

    • I saw a game a while ago where a Yamato derped a full health, broadsiding Kurfurst.

      Everyone in chat commented “feelsgoodman”

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Must have been detonation…

    • The Ugly Barnacle I did once with yanato detonation lo

  3. Herr_Guenther_Luetjens

    13:39 you’re welcome

  4. Джанбулат Дж

    Да еблан он конченый всю игру плавал как кусок говна и пару рельсоходов попались днарина сраная

  5. I love Yamato but one battle u Can die quicker one u Can Do some GooD damage they should buff Yamato thats my dream because now it ‘s too difficult to play with it u cant escape if focus fire u die easy

  6. What a dope. The Yamato was spotted and he just blundered around full broadside at under 10 km?!?

  7. it’s must be at box box box server

  8. thx for uploading my replay!

    Actually that was 2nd game of my new ship Yamato
    I’m Montana player but Yamato have another attraction!
    I love it so much

    ..And RIP to full broadside enemy Montie

  9. No wonder a Monite got rekt, It was on the Square speaking server…

  10. 1 salvo.

  11. Thats what really happens when you get a Citadel 😀

  12. I sent him an 8 kill gearing replay, which is not getting uploaded.
    But this one here is special because of only 1 devastating strike?…


    • mate, i just cant record and upload ALL replays i get 😉 sorry

    • 8 kills and 100kdmg or 8kills and 280k dmg? The game is not about kills, it´s about damage 😉

      Can you link the replay by any chance?

    • The game is not about damage, 100k damage on destroyers is a lot more important for the team than 300k damage on battleships. Everybody can farm damage but killing ships able to play for the objective (dd’s) will have more effect on the battle outcome.

    • What I am trying to say is that a 100k dmg 8 kills game is less entertaining than a 300k dmg 5 kills game on a dd, bb or ca. 8 kills game are more “common” than 300kdmg games. Still waiting for the link though, cuz I am interested in your replay 🙂

  13. YAWN!! BS RNG luck by a player who was lucky to be alive in the first place from poor game play!

  14. Rarely rng crazy gj

  15. The most dangerous ship, the biggest gun, heavy armor in history is this?
    Best accuracy, >20%, CA armor can block Yamato shoot, wowww

  16. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje

    4 shells hit and 5 citadels scored?? how the hell did that happened??

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