Yamato – 274k dmg (the way to victory) World of Warships

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  1. Do u know da way?

  2. 7:53 Oh god, that’s why I say most of these matches are by sheer luck, lol missed salva on 4km

    • To be honest I think he should have been aiming to the left a little more and lower so he could pen the bow because you can with Yamato.

  3. Queit an happy ending I must say lol

  4. The picture quality is abnormal today , got ad on youtube saying if I want to know why it’s like that , so I went to older gameplay and the picture quality is the same , its very blurry , I think youtube is running a scam , would be nice if youtube got hacked and overrun .

  5. Russian Bias always protect.

    WHAT?! A good Czech player who is carring a battle? This is a good meme XD

  6. The F keys spam is annoying

  7. Wonderful to see all those camping cruisers are blobbing

  8. Ебаные танкисты и читеры, так тащить на ямато только с установленными модами можно, но это уже не по правилам. И бой не динамичный, подьехал, встал и на задней всю игру отстрел, такой стиль у танкистов-пидарасных, кто в корвбли от них пришел, либо у ссыкливых шкур читернвх, потому что без обмана и модов, тащить руки из жопы ростут.

  9. その赤い砲弾はどうやれば出来るの?

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