Yamato 275k Damage (World of Warships Legends)

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Music: Doom Eternal OST – Meathook


  1. Yammy is always fun but my dispersion is wonky as hell lately.

  2. Players:How broken do you want the game to be
    Developers:Richochet Citadel

  3. As long as the dispersion doesn’t troll you so often and at bad timings, the Yamato is a monstrosity to fight. Either you dodge like hell or kill her faster than she can kill you with those beastly 460mm guns.

  4. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    That gun sound is litterly epic 😍

  5. Chill homie it’s just a game……. It takes are you winning son to a new level

  6. Evan Stewart-Brown

    Bow-tanking Odin: *exists*
    Yamato: *god-smack guns go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrttt*

  7. Its time for a Video my Guys, here we go

  8. pg rapidz can you make an alaska tutorial please

  9. i had a 283k 4000bxp yamato game

    but this is more

  10. Man, this video is what battleships would be like if they were fun to play.

  11. What insanity is this? A Yamato that actually pushes with the team and its not being an useless battleship doing nothing at the back of the map? It must be a glitch in the matrix

  12. Winning is not enough, he needs to annihilate.

  13. Watching the damage go up is just so satisfying.

  14. Love the content as always

  15. Pg, what would you say the three best battleships are in wowsl? Thanks

  16. Nyoooooooo! すごい!かんぺきだな!

  17. Torpedo = YAMATO

  18. I was in a game with you a couple months ago and you got over 4k base in the Kleber. Can you show that battle?

  19. Proof that camping in spawn doesnt help the team (enemy team)

  20. That RNG tho

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