Yamato – 300k Game + KrakenWorld of Warships

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  1. I love this ship. I can’t wait to unlock it. THnx for uploading all these glorious Yamato reps !

  2. Dumbfuck Neptune.

  3. LOL nepneptune xDDDD

  4. stay broadside in smoke infront of 18″ gun, in that paper ship = yamato hack

  5. “yamato has smoke detecter mod” “dont worry i send a video of u forward =)” KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
    this neptune made my day

  6. Oh how I love salty RN CL players that think they’re safe in that smoke when there’s a BB aimed right at their delicious broadsides.

  7. Surely Draven1985 will get some private messages ;]

  8. Lol that neptune rage

  9. Looked him up he’s on the European server he’s not a bad player. But Neptune sure isn’t his ship 36% win rate in 25 games is awful.

    Flamu taught me to look at the smoke if its next to an island and he said cruisers like to give themselves and escape so they will typically park on the edge of the island and back behind it if they get in trouble. Knowing this I have used this to have 20km blind shots on British smoked up cruisers that were not even shooting its not magic its just knowing where to expect them to be hiding.

  10. Dat neptune sux

  11. Uchuu senkan Yamatooooooooo

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