YAMATO 303K DMG eating enemy ships || World of Warships

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YAMATO 303K DMG eating enemy ships || World of Warships
Panocek X Yamato

303k damage done, breaking personal record. 3.5k base exp, 7 kills, Arsonist, Kraken, 2x Devastating, Confederate, Fireproof, Dreadnought, High Caliber

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  1. 14:49 “at this moment that Neptune knew he fucked up “

  2. I do not like tier 10 BBs to back up and to let the lower tiers take the fight!
    He would be screwed against the Kurfurst when the other players would not have helped him!
    Also the torpedo salvo from the Shima should have sunk him. 4-6 torpedoes and he could easily heal up!

  3. How yamato can shoot if the turrets are turning?he shoots at the yamato while the turrets are moving lol this is a commander ability?

  4. You know something is badads when it has its own theam song YAAAMAATOOOO!!!

  5. Yamato is such a boring ship

  6. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    That Neptune just fed….

  7. 16:34 GK: 460? I don’t give a damn.

  8. 9:16 he finally realized that the yamato is moving backwards….

  9. 10:38 ok so that she,y fighter plane literally got destroyed by nothing. The Yamatos plane didn’t get close to it, the yamato didn’t fire AA at it, the enemy play disappears then shows up flying into the water. WFT!?

  10. 16:35 made in germany?

  11. Cesar Antonio Tejeda Ramirez

    16:22 remeber Star wars Battle over courscant it’s epic

  12. That’s was the worst brawling ever seen… Yammy… even the kurfurst didn’t shoot when broadside, even they don’t shoot their weak spots (yammy stern for example = a lot of cit)

  13. A sit back and go and reverse replay. I can’t stand playing battleships this way…

  14. 09:36 guns are facing different direction but still shoot enemy ship?

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