Yamato 312K DMG Carry on Atlantic || World of Warships

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Player: T33kanne Ship: Yamato Map:

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  1. first checkpoint

  2. Yamato Caliber penetrates everything….

  3. Rule 1: Never show your broadside to a Yamato

  4. OMNI Hax package getting the job done

  5. that first torp unnecessary damage but gg

  6. marco antonio Pastro

    This guys lost so much time rotating… everyone should know the right click function

  7. OMNI is op.

  8. 11:30, who give a fuXk to 2 shima in front of a yamato

  9. what a noob, aim sucks and rotating all the time 😀

  10. He got real lucky that the enemy team’s last yamato didnt delete him
    Still a pretty good game 🙂

  11. Sure is a good thing the friendly GK was so far out in right field, otherwise T33 here wouldn’t have been able to show off his carrying skills. At least he go into the fight in time to eat a wall of shima torps.

  12. this was pure fucking luck , he showed broadside two or three times to yamato close range and they hit him for 5k maybe a nd he hit them angled for 30k…. pure fucking luck…

  13. that GK is the type of player that gets on everyones nerves.

  14. dude you got joked out that last kill you should of got that frenchie BS easy! RNG man RNG

  15. 14:56 is so satisfying *mhhh*

  16. That thumbnail kinda hurt my eyes… It would have been fine just using the actual kanji than spelling out Yamato with characters that look like the English letters. hahaha xD

  17. Gotta love these montana players.Got 3 cits yesterday on one with my Amagi,he continued sailing exact same manner, got 4 more, boom dead.Two volleys.

  18. Can’t watch it. All the back and forth made me sick. Too bad. Sure it was a decent game.

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