Yamato – 347K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. awesome yamato gameplay, for the next video can we see either the Bismarck or Montana? cheers ?

  2. Disgusting frontal citadels.

  3. I swear that I read “Yamato – World of Overmatch” in the title.

  4. hi! The Kraken and other differences is necessary reply on ohotnik 185k a loss?)

  5. 6:26 It was at that moment, Andy realised, he’d f_cked up…

  6. Giving cits to frontal sailing bbs on 10km OF COURSE ….

  7. 11:04 feel bad for montana

  8. 對手都是新手,有什麼好炫耀的

  9. Well, this is like finding a unicorn…. a T10 BB being aggressive and capturing enemy base.

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