Yamato 5 Kills & 221k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Yamato 5 Kills & 221k Damage
About the Warship: Japanese Tier X Battleship

-Map: Okinawa
-Mode: Random Battle
-Player: FuzioN_PL (EU)
-Kills: 5 Ships
-Players of my team: FuzioN_PL, CC_Com2, fribo_1, SorrowClown, __STELS___, RagonShadow, cetabot, GToneK, BlindLemming, Bel_Shamharoth, MISSPIGGI_2, nellyenfermeria
-Link to Replay: https://mecareplays.com/replay/1712
-Players of the enemy team: verm42, Jack_Mirons, MalteseKnight_, halobalint1, Opa_poltie, Aggelos_stern, nordix_2, exterminator_x, tankoslacika1, krawaciarz74, Sleipnir_58, marat_v_2019
-Damage caused: 220975
-Version: 0.11.11
-Achievements earned: High Caliber, Confederate, Kraken Unleashed!

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  1. The Grand Yamato again!

  2. Real costly victory once again

  3. You didn’t include that final salvo; he actually caused *239k* damage to enemy ships.

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