Yamato 7 Kills & 198k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay 4k

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Yamato 7 kills 198k damage
About the Warship: Japanese Tier X battleship.

Map: Auroras boreales
Mode: Random Battle
Player: Krummi20 (RU)
Kills: 7 ships
Damage caused: 198498
Version: 0.11.3

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  1. Gregory Hope Soegiantoro

    How can the sea texture so good? Any mod u use?

  2. No one literally no one:
    Those 2 first t8 cruisers be like:
    Let show the flattest broadsides we can possibly can.

  3. How to get that skin of Yamato, guys?

  4. How to make the sea like that. Mod?

  5. Where do you get this mod?

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