YAMATO 8 Kills || 3 DEVASTATING STRIKES – World of Warships

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Player: Bassarnis
Map: North

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  1. Horrible, soom in soom out .-.

  2. This dude zooming in and out gave me epilepsy.

  3. Chris YoonJik Lee

    How come I got notice now and 300 people already watched this lol

  4. i stopped watching it after 3 min, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out

  5. twitchy replay but good shooting

  6. play Iowa

  7. Dude, you have problems, stop move all the way around, use the force.

  8. Why the hell does his zoom in to his guns only to zoom out again to see whole ship a second later? Definitely agree with previous comments. He’s got some issues with the mouse scroll.

  9. This zooming spam is absolutely torturous to watch. Please don’t feature replays with this shit again.

  10. So dizzy.. Plz, stop zoom in, zoom out..

  11. this replay can be free camera??

  12. 06:47 one shot one kill

  13. Seriously when ever you upload a video like this and the person playing just keep zooming in and out pls just give us free camera instead of free headache.

  14. what’s up with your zooming condition

  15. I cant watch this…too much zoom in and out

  16. You could tell when the deletions were about to occur. Some excellent kill sniping too! Hard to complain too much tho when you do almost 200k in damage. Well done!

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