Yamato 9 kill 14 second YAMAMOTO reload Hell || World of Warships

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  1. This should be Japanese Bias

  2. Face to face with a DAKKA DAKKA Yamato.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. The only thing I can imagine to be just as bad (if not worse) than this is a special commander Conqueror with a 14 second reload and Wolverine type Heal.

  4. 12 kills division ^^

  5. How can he shoot when his turrents aren’t fully aimed at the target? Is that a mod?

  6. hes using adrenalin rush a 4 kills were on already dead ships’

    • Yep, lots of “kill secures”

    • True, but considering how a large portion of his team folded, I believe a few of those kill secures would have survived if not for him. Someone has to take out the trash after all.

    • Andres Montenegro

      51k dmg for a kraken.

    • Yes u Can Say kill secure but now they win u should every Time thinking how IS going battle what u should u do to win or help Ur team that’s thé Key to become a good player and the player should use the right strategy at the right moment

  7. wtf??? only 14sec for reload ????? how ??

  8. Darum hab ich Yamamoto auf der Yamato 😂👍

  9. When you load the legendary admiral in a mighty super-battleship. This result was inevitable!

  10. kill stealing at it’s best, first 2 and 2.7k damage only.

  11. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Yamato is Balanced… considering she’s finally going to get a 60sec turret traverse buff. Yes she can actually have a lower water line citadel – comparable to NC or Iowa/Montana – but for the sake of being the last T10 BB with a huge citadel – I think she should keep it.

    What’s not balanced is this Yamamoto Captain and AR kek, along with retard heals/stealth with Conqueror and citadel-proof German BBs.

    Edit nvm – Yamato only has 9-10mm plating above her machinery – so even if they lowered her citadel to waterline – 9-10mm will be overmatched by anything that can pen 410mm anyways.

    • علي القطان

      Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer i am a yamato main its dosnt need an underwater line cit but her 410 armor belt should not easily penetrated expect from the same 460 mm guns the it will be balanced with all of the t 10 bbs

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      But penetration isn’t arithmetic in wows like it can be in WOT. 406mm 50cal guns at 5km have around 733mm of penetration. Like a 410mm belt inclined at 15 degrees inward worth 424mm – will handle 733mm penetration.

      At 10km it’s 617mm and 410mm will still not be able to stop the shell.

      Ofcourse angling solves this.

    • علي القطان

      Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer im not talking about short distances like 10km and below

      try to give 65% Broadside in a yama and sit 17 km away u will eat a big cits from almost every t10 or t9.

  12. North Carolina showing all broadside to Yamato, Musashi didnt shooting Yamato broadside or superestructure and dont going more closer, Kagero going straigth with a Yamato shooting him, …. or how to lose a battle when you have more ships.

  13. show this to the mighty jingles so he can have a laugh

  14. Kraken with only 85K damage. Kill stealing at its best.

  15. Interesting to watch, unimpressed by his Kraken, 51K for 5 kills and then at the end 2 DD’s that were really close. He Only really worked over 2 ships.

  16. Thought Notser was driving that thing with as many kill steals as he had. first two kills were had with less than 3k damage output.

  17. Andres Montenegro

    Bad replay. I’ve watched many great replays, and this one only shows how to kill steal.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Really are non pvpers still on about kill stealing in this game? Get over it dude a win is a win

    • I just want to say that.. but you beat me to it.

    • Well, for Yamamoto to kick in, you need “Fist Blood” and “Kraken unleashed”, The fastest way to do that is taking out near dead ships. So you can blame it on ol’ Isoroku 🙂

    • Indeed. And the aiming of quite a few of the shots was atrocious.

      Was good to see a 14 second reload on the Yamato, though.

  18. I’m really not impressed… Usually in order to get a kraken you have to work hard on it, but this guy just ks without doing anything at all.

  19. Stefan Nicolaescu

    5 kills at 50k dmg …. shame! 🙂

  20. I wish my enemies would sail like that in front of me. And the kill-stealing doesn’t bother me at all because the quicker those ships are dead, the quicker their salvoes stop hitting me or my team.
    Funny though, Yammy and Henry got all 12 kills combined.The rest of the team should be ashamed and just uninstall.

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