Yamato 9 Kills || World of Warships

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Player: Bauhauskiller1

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  1. o primeiro a da like

  2. the animations of the begining are so awesome

  3. Betcha this ends up on Mighty Jingles’ warships replays.

  4. Bauhauskiller Ist wohl stammkunde was? ;D

  5. Unchuu senkan Yamatooooo

  6. floating artillery platform playstyle at its finest 😛

  7. when i got yamato i will not disappoint the emperor

  8. Dude rolled into that mass of ships like he gave no fucks

  9. The last thing that went through the Hipper Captains mind was a 20″ shell.

  10. Did that Lexington think he was an airfield rather than a carrier? I mean, if I saw my team melt like that, I’d run personally.

  11. Why I go in the American BB… ? x)

  12. That Montana should have flanked him when he was dueling the Izumo and the Yamato, still very well played tho

  13. Poor Montana was angled heheh Yamato no care ;p To be fair though, story would be different if cvs were tier 10…

  14. love how enemy yamato, montana and izumo just sat broad side to him and gave no fucks.

  15. so why they fucked game like that with shooting range=your camo when shooting ?

  16. That first push into A with cruiser backup. Ahhh the feeling when you have backup as a BB.

  17. Have never seen an enemy team that bad, easy points

  18. At 0:40, is this a replay bug? you clearly see the turrets still turn, but the volley goes off nonetheless…

  19. Classic Yamato battle. Great central positioning and angling, allowing him to basically farm top tier enemy battleships all day.

  20. Montana shoots at Yamato’s belt=bounces
    Yamato shoots Montana’s belt= COMPLETELY WRECKED XD

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