Yamato Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Yamato Battleship in World of Warships Legends Console.


  1. This ship and the Bart are the whole reason why I started playing battleships. Of course now I realize how important it is to play other classes. I have a much better understanding of battleships now so when I do go back to DD’s I’ll already be in their head.?

  2. I’m with you on this. I think a couple of games per day is good enough. It’s kind of a neat thing, but I would rather just have the game expand to Tier 10…

    • This is kind of the first step towards another tier

    • So I wonder how much a t10 ship would cost… T7 with all mod slots is like 24 million credits……..

    • @James Wither look at the way they’re doing it like TR6 is 9 million and then it doubles 280 million that TR7 so if they do the double thing again it would be like 36 million but dudeyou’re playing console of course if you see the world of tanks mercenaries the grind and there is worse for tr10 because your XP you have to use it on upgrades in this game is only silver I was so happy for that and we’ll tanks your grind then you spend it all in upgrades to get the next ship in this game you don’t need to get the upgrades while wall tanks you do the grind is a lot worse my guy in-wall tanks this game is a relief compared to it

    • @NK gaming don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this game and have invested money into it. I currently have 3 or 4 t7 ships and same amount t6 and enough silver to buy 3 more t7 just from grinding but I’ve also learned to be fairly proficient at this game. I would just like to see it more affordable for a newcomer to be able to get the cool ships too. I do enjoy a good challenge but I also work full-time some the grind can be quite bothersome sometimes.

    • @James Wither they would adjust the game economy if they expanded the tech tree.

  3. I’ve been playing the yamato for a couple of matches, the two front main batteries are good enough for me; i’ve been wiining all of the matches since I got it

  4. Im the one who finished ya off in that first 4v4 game. GG, but agreed on 4v4 being boring. Although I did get an ~80k salvo on someone, which was interesting to see

  5. That cheek armor where it tapers in the front is the definite weak spot. Citadel almost every time.

  6. I have noticed two opposite behaviors in YAMATO’s game
    1) everyone is focused on the Yamato and forget other primary targets ??‍♂️
    2) everyone is avoiding her and letting her to wreck the team one by one

  7. Wishing you, your subscribers & Family A “happy new year”

  8. Spartan Elite’s review shows the weakness of those cheeks.

  9. T Bull i just wanted to say, the way you play my favorite ship of the Kriegsmarine, the z 23. Is absolutely alien. I play as a gunboat with the Torpedos as added nice feature and I bully every single thing in my 11 KM range from the safety of an island or a smoke cloud. I watched your Z23 vid and i agree with your points except as USN, i usually dont care what the enemy destroyer is if he is my tier unless he is another USN. If he shoots his torpedos and smokes, I activate my engine boost and force him out his smoke cloud with my torps and my guns.

  10. Toekie van der Linde

    I had one good game of 125k damage…the rest was torp practice for rhe dd…one thing is for sure that sound the canons make awwwww. And its true every one is targeting the yamato…not even the objective s is being played. But I think she is a awsome ship.

  11. You just need to grind XP, credits, commander XP and GE. Ship tier doesn’t matter.

    • Sorry, but didnt he say the Yamato was only placed in matches that were strictly tier 7? I’ve played 3 matches but all were 4v4.

  12. Adding all this stuff yet still cant be bothered to add the brit cruisers!

    • After the John bar the British cruisers going to getadded West finally a British premium after warspite which basically came out with the game Belfast that’s going to be the next campaign ship TR6 British Cruiser Belfast West tetri British cruisers remember this is just a test legendary tears will come out after detect trees of these countries have been completed

  13. You see what I mean regarding the gun sounds when I mentioned it in your last stream? So many ships use the same sfx. Vanguard and Atago use the same one for example, which makes no sense.

  14. 18.1 inch guns…ouch. I saw a replay where the player took 6 or 7 torpedoes, and lived. Repair party got the health back up over 30k too…

  15. Just so you know you dont need a t7 to be able to unlock yamato

  16. your actually using my tip?

  17. War gaming needs to scrap there series on how to play this game and just pay you for rights to your videos. As always well done!

  18. Why the yamato have no torpedo damage reduction

  19. MajesticDestroyergaming 22

    I wonder if they fully release it we would have to grind for it again

  20. Just have every ship be the Yamato and call it a day.

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