Yamato – CLEAR SKY – 90 Planes down – World of Warships

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Player: viceadmiral123
Map: Warriors Path

User Description:

How to play for dummies: Yamato 18min, 90 plane wins the game, 3500 base exp []

A very unremarkable game with only 142k , but that goes to show that damage is not everything.

I parked my Yamato in B cap, and the enemy Midway proceeded to waste his planes on me throughout the whole game, eventually losing his TBs completely.

Enemy DDs gave us this game for free – they either died quickly at the start, or went to the map edge disregarding the cap game mode.

The contribution that the Yamato made was not in raw damage, but tanking the attacks the enemy carrier and defending B cap the whole match.

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  1. not the highest DMG but WIn is a WIN right ? eating all enemy planes for
    the team as well :-P

  2. the empire!

  3. Or the Enemy Cv was a Bot or total Noob !!! Always attack with just 1

  4. 6:30 the enemy bismarck was showing a perfect broadside. I do not
    understand this player’s decision to fire at an angled kurfurst.

  5. what was their CV doing?? lol. he kept flying planes over the yamato and
    wasn’t even attacking it? lol weird

  6. revenge for the ww2 yamato

  7. And people say Yamato’s AA is bad

  8. Lol this enemy cv, attacking mostly with one squadron of planes after
    another. If you have a good CV, you won’t survive that long. Lucky Yamato

  9. AA upgrade?

  10. Impressive..if only the real Yamato was so successful vs airplanes..:)

  11. And the real life Yamato failed to even nail 5+ kills in 1945 during her
    last sortie.
    Realistic indeed.

  12. Manual AA commander skill?

  13. 8:50 how to make view like that? am I missed something?

  14. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    And they said Yamato’s AA was bad…

  15. Final Fantasy Foreva

    This was payback for all the instantly deleted battleships at the hands of
    CV captains

  16. enemy CV captain was no Marc Mitscher….
    but I assume both Yamato and her captain were specced for AA?

  17. like 9/11

  18. the shot at 8:50 was splendid, i do that trick too but rarely hit anything.

  19. hacker ?????????? 7:07 shooting on Kurfürst . but cannons are not in
    direction of target. explain it pls

  20. At first I was; Huh, 90 planes, that’s a fucking ton!

    And then the CV gets spotted and it’s a Midway and I’m like


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