Yamato Egoshooter 8 FRAGS || World of Warships

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  1. 보지다찢어버리고싶다메갈워마드페미걸레

    Such a beautiful camo…..
    whats that camos name???

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      It’s the alternate color scheme you can get for Yamato’s permacamo. You have to complete one of the Yamamoto collections to get it.

  2. Absolut top notch in Sachen thumbnail game. Next level pasch

  3. Amazing turrets rotating speed ! I wonder what kind of improvements are set on this ship to have such speed ?

    • not only that, but 14s reload at 1/3 health… I can still remember playing cruisers that took longer to reload their 200ish mm guns… wow

  4. disandabossgaming Da Beast

    0:34 SE Alaska?

  5. Gay viewing angles

  6. 13:19 rear gunner kill-secure! ^^

  7. Compliments to both the mighty Mo and yammy. DDs on their team play like idiots though

  8. Totally coward

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