YAMATO Heavy Combat! 320K DMG || World of Warships

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Player: Fog__NCarolina
Map: Trap

User Description:

At 15 minute mark the asswhooping starts

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  1. Yamato penned so hard he didn’t give a fuck and Citadel a turtleback armor
    at close range

  2. so this is whats the game al about…. carrying a game with over 300 k dmg
    and still lose

  3. A brawling Yamato shows us the errors of sitting at the back sniping.

  4. There’s an argument to be made that high damage games are more likely to be
    losses. Being able to score over 300k damage is almost guaranteed to be a
    loss due to the amount of things that need to go wrong in order for the
    game to go on long enough, on top of just having to be insanely lucky in
    the first place, as well as have good matchmaking. That’s always the issue
    I seem to struggle with. I just wish this kind of damage was rationally
    possible to get while not relying on the enemies being braindead or having
    to rely on a division

  5. these are the sort of battles i love seeing, epic brawl in the center

  6. Ich mag Yamato :)

  7. our team BB camper +sniper = 100% lose

  8. jared angel nolasco angeles

    lol ciudadela a un aleman

  9. Wow, what the hell were those last guys shooting at..

  10. The Yamato fought well and faced the enemy with obvious determination but
    may have overun his mark.

  11. what mods do you use if any ….

  12. And they say yamato can’t brawl well

  13. I feel like crying when I see the thumbnail. Such a beautiful ship and such
    an ignoble end.

  14. Kann mir mal jemand erklären wieso ich mit meinem Japanischen t5 Träger,
    immer nur 4 Flugzeuge in der Staffel habe und alle anderen 6? Müssten es
    nicht 5 Sein mit dem letzten Kapitäns Skillpunkt, statt 6? Woher kriegen
    die immer das 6. Flugzeug? :D

  15. 仁佐田澤Hitoshi Sawa

    I see they are fixing the Yamato pen so it can pen turtel armor After all
    it has a type 4 round made to order such armor

  16. I’ve never played WOW but I am an old WOT player and I still don’t know why
    people don’t concentrate on taking guns out of action. If you’re going to
    get an enemy battleship down to 8000 HP or so then FINISH THE JOB –
    watching that last player avoid shooting at the guy 5 km away from him so
    he can do nothing was just painful.

    Great match btw, congrats on a veyr hard carry, pit the team let you down.

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