YAMATO in a 22 Battleship Party || World of Warships

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  1. how do people do the bb symbol in chat?

    • Patrick Guinnane

      How or why? The why is because originally the US navy designated battleships as BB so as not to be confused with other ships, I think it did originate in the USA but I may be wrong on that. Its why Destroyers are DD and Cruisers are CC, there nowadays differnet variations of cruisers and destroyers though but as WOW is historical it doesnt matter.
      The how is they just type BB.

    • Read the last line on his comment

  2. Alejandro Montoya

    Good video

  3. This guy going full speed all the time was so frustrating to watch

    • at least he wasnt bow tanking and camping

    • Michael Riley that’s what you do in a yamato though, you lock down a position behind your brawling bb’s.

    • Considering that everyone on both sides was basically doing the same thing, I think this was more fun to watch than your usual all-BB game. The fleets were actually… like, moving ;p

  4. Patrick Guinnane

    they should really have ship type battles for non group play…so easy for an organised team to destroy the cruisers from an opposite team early on….I have so may games with rubbish BB players who completely camp and abandon the team

  5. So many battleships… every Asashio player’s wet dream 😛

  6. Patrick Guinnane

    couldnt watch this whole video…watching BB;s is painful stuff…

  7. Uh, what kind of module is he using? It’s neither reload mod nor range mod, because they’re both at standard 30s & 26km.

  8. Still I want to know which Steel is powerful
    Japanese steel
    German steel
    USN steel
    British Steel
    Italian Steel

  9. I have never seen so many broadside targets

  10. that GK ramming a Bismarck to death.. that’s levels of badass we all aspire to.

  11. I like how he takes needless amounts of damage near the 11 min mark.. like theres 4 ships to his starboardside, and he just happily shows his broadside :/

  12. TheGreatDragon015

    This guy got lucky to not die mid game. A lot of luck and minimal skill throughout this game. The constant marking of enemies and pressing the horn all the time was really annoying.
    Time to boil eggs to use this salt on.

    • What did you expect battleship players are used t camping in the back and shooting from 26K. They had to do their own DDings and CAing in this fight and they are not good at it. If I had been in one of he carriers I would have just eaten popcorn. Let them figure out why there are other classes.

  13. Hhooooonk



    -Happens to me everytime

  14. bad aim,honestly.

  15. Boring

  16. more luck than sense

  17. After the first couple minutes of engagement, he already had 700K potential damage. Boy was he popular ;p

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