YAMATO – king of the hill carry – World of Warships

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  1. How did this guy not die to that bismarck lmao

    • Bc Bismarck against t9/10 is shit

    • I don’t think he was shooting at him, I suppose either he was leading too much on Yammy’s ass or totally targeting another ship… I don’t hear his main guns hit anything (maybe water) Anyway, lmao

    • MrGelzo81 no, it’s just that bismarck guns are so shit you need stalin to be semi accurate

    • +Sarp Kaplan… THAT much? Omg

    • MrGelzo81 i remember one time i flanked a mushi by abusing my team’s positioning and caught him full broadside at 9 km, also charging him in the process. NONE of the salvoes did more then 20k. At least my push made that flank break apart but i died in the process. Even a nelson would be better in that situation, at least that thing is accurate.

  2. noob enemy ,contribution again and again,just like spy

  3. your vedio player always meet the noob and i always meet the well player god

  4. One huge Yamato, and two tiny dd’s. Like a porn title, yet it’s not.

  5. евгений силаев

    тупо повезло а так ямато вод олень полнежший

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