Yamato Kraken | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox 1

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Japanese Battleship & in a Yamato in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on Xbox1 and PS4.


  1. You makes great videos Tbull. thanks. You also pissed a lot of people off in that game!

  2. I got a 298000 damage battle last night in the yamato

  3. See you later yammy can’t wait for grober kurfurst to be in it

  4. Scrubs have 7 tiers to play we need an Elite tier where dreams get crushed.

    • In a game that you can lose your way to the top, the top eventually ends up infested with monkeys squatting there for no other reason than it’s the top tier. This is largely unavoidable in WGs business model, but there is no need to exacerbate it with this idiotic legendary tier. They need to add T8, tune it for the consoles and add the other T8 progression ships. All this stuff already exists; it just needs to be done.

  5. Nice match! I’ve enjoyed playing Yamato. Too bad so many complained prompting WG to change the matchmaking. I thought they had it right in the beginning. So long as you were not a lazy player those 4v4 matches were lots of fun. C’mon folks, get that Yammy moving!

    • A simple 2 minute journey to the flank, and you are now in position for you new damage record. Or sit in the base as be bored, the choice is yours

    • you got that right about Yamatos not moving or going right into reverse! what do they think they are driving…an Iowa?!? lol

  6. Bye bye damage sponge for my DDs.

  7. I actually enjoyed playing against Yamato with all kind of classes and ships

  8. Gg tbull
    I really enjoyed playing with and against the yamoto but I would like to see a separate tier for legendary with a dozen or so different types of ships.

  9. I stopped playing ages ago but once the British cruisers come out think I’ll pick it back up ?

  10. Damn so close to that 6th kill

  11. Knowing that this was all one big test and that there will be serious tweaks to the boat when it does get fully released, I had some fun moments with it… weirdly, had the most fun in a loss during those few days when the matchmaker was “busted”… was in a 1v3, me vs 2 z23s and an Iowa and I damn near pulled it off…

  12. I think it repairs more of non crucial structures like armor or superstructure but I think if you’re citadel has been nuked then I think you’re still super vulnerable to a citadel. I did 80k to a Yamato with jojo JB with Ciliax and Madden full damage build on a 4x citadel I already hit him for 2x earlier down to half he repaired to 3/4 I think I hit the magazine though because it was right behind his A turret

  13. Instead of the “ahh Neptunes beard” command they need an “I need a sonar!”, “I need a sonar!”, “I need a sonar!” command.

    I’ve been talking about cruisers not using their sonar forever. They rather blind fire at a DD in smoke than use sonar.

    If they don’t use sonar to spot, what do they use it for? Do they never use it? Do they even know what it does?

    • Trying to figure out the mind of a scrub can only drive a man insane. I’d agree though, some more useful commands would be nice

    • Two points: 1, good cruiser Captains need to balance a lot of things at once, and it takes practice and situational awareness to get it all together…bottom line, Tbull’s School of Cruisers should be mandatory viewing before unlocking someone’s first tier 5 cruiser…2nd point: there needs to be a “sorry” on the radio dial…I’ve rammed teammates before, while getting target focused, and there’s no way to apologize…anyway, my thoughts

  14. Overall fun ship to play. I found it very easy to play both with and against. Match making made games very formulaic however….even after they got rid of 4 v 4. Going forward I’d much rather they make it a premium tier 7 and buff iowa/Bismarck etc to keep them competitive. Pipe dream I know but I dont want ships that never came to be like Montana in the game. The single most interesting thing the game could do in my opinion is give you control of your secondaries by pressing triangle like a destroyer switching to torps but might just kill all destroyers so it may unbalance the game.

  15. DeathDealer Warchyld666

    Nice Kraken Skulls n Kickin Ballz. A little off topic French T5 dd Aigel Opinions? I was extra naughty n Santa gave me one : ) Peace out…

  16. Played it twice, still like my Iowa better

  17. Not really a bb player, but it was interesting. Love the sound when they fire. Honestly, I am somewhat frustrated with everyone in tier 7 matches hiding behind islands with no firing angles letting our bases get captured. I understand using cover, but it’s driving me a bit nuts. Maybe we need an audible siren or klaxon like WOT so people notice the base is being captured. I’m also a bit concerned about the Legendary class. Are we going to now have a bunch of ships that never existed? Not sure how else they can give Yamato competition. Still, it was a nice change of pace, and if I gotta tolerate Japanese schoolgirl captains, I guess I can live with non-existent ships.

  18. Enjoyed my time with the Yamato (PropMod as for most of my BBs, Takagi with inspiration from Cunningham and Madson ). To me, the main guns seem to hit OTHER Yamatos fairly hard (except when head-on), but are usually middling against other ships. Except DDs – been a few I’ve blasted into dust bunnies at medium to close range with the main guns – when still using AP..

    For bow-tanking, frontal armour seems so-so – everything I’ve read talks about the Yamato frontal armour being pretty good. It soaks up other Yamato shots well enough, but lesser BBs still seem to chew on her.

    As said, enjoyed my time with Yamato, look forward to seeing a Legendary Tier at some point. My own feeling is that this should be something distinct from the standard tier 1-7 progression, but have n clue as to how. Would also rather it be kept small in scope and added to very slowly, rather than churning out a Legendary monster for EVERYBODY.

  19. I think (no real evidence to support it, except maybe hope) Legendary tier is going to be the way Legends brings in the upper tier ships from PC…essentially tier “8”, but invoking the whole “Legend” moniker…

  20. I really enjoyed playing the Yamato. I would like to see them simply add tiers 8 to 10 or just call legendary tier 8. Someone in marketing must have had an idear, just call it tier 8.

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