Yamato Replay from Power_Pepe on Northern Lights:World of Warships

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Power_pepe replay in the on Northern Lights domination mode.

Enjoy the Destruction.

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. +WastingSomeTime Gaming what kind of reticle are u using? cause im unable
    to switch to that style of reticle.

  2. very good game

  3. I hear German BBs and Soviet CAs are coming. Am I the only one hyped about
    the Scharnhorst?

  4. it was Kraken unleashed you get it when you get 5 kills in one game they
    added it in the last patch

  5. love the vids love the name!

  6. Replay bug? HE being loaded

  7. Great game.
    With regards to the BB Health Mod, it used to show your next heal amount
    constantly so you could easily see what it would give you if you hit it now.
    Now the game seems to show you what your next will be after you use your
    current, I think, I am often busy when I use the heal and don’t have time
    to focus on it so is that how it works or what?
    Of course they couldn’t simply do what the mod did as that worked and was
    simple 🙂 We can’t have that :)

  8. Upvote for paddlin :D

  9. Great game!! The third medal is Topgun which you get after your fifth kill.

  10. So is better to always use HE with the Yamato?

  11. All shell hit with BB never happen to me


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