Yamato Slapping + Let’s talk DAMAGE – World of Warships

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I was asked to comment on stats, damage in particular, and how to improve.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Tip for getting cats to eat medicine- give them catnip first

  2. Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

    Hey Flambass, i am glad you are doing what you want and like. Please keep the future in mind. You need alternatives to this. I hope you will find another game that will bring you as much success as WoWs did, but what if that won’t happen? Start early and look for other paths before you will need to walk them. Just in case.

  3. In term of damage, how much you must get, see the Badges (or emblem or insignia or something else). There are badges/emblem for all types and make sure get the exact damages of badges so simple like that. Below T8 can adjust for cruisers and BBs times 10k for DD can just times 5k or 7k

    For more better, +10 or 20k like flambass said from the badges/emblems

  4. Sometimes listening to flambass is like listening to a grandma.
    >He did not eat the food medicine but then he did eat it.
    That’s interesting, Flambass. Very good.

  5. I thought alco was bad for one day after too. But I realized, effects hang in a lot longer. I am moody for a few days after. My empathy is lower for at least 4 days (I have a short fuse). I realized alcohol does something to me, that I do not want in my life. So I stopped drinking for several years. Interesting things happened.

  6. Casually gets 250k damage and kraken while constantly talking about other things.


  7. Flambass talking about giving his fur babies hits hard! I’ve got a 3 legged, paraplegic 42kg dog that needs meds 3 times a day… turns out paraplegic animals can’t pee or poo on their own… let’s just say I’ve had to learn life skills that no one who’s not a vet ever needs to learn 🤣

    • I feel you. My service dog developed an autoimmune disorder a few months ago. He’s been on steroids for about 4 months now. He drinks about 2 gallons of water a day, and pees every 1-2 hours, sometimes every 20 minutes. He also gets meds 3x a day, one of which is Gas-X because he constantly has gas that, not exaggerating, is worse than any fart you’ve encountered x5. 😂 Good on you for taking care of your pup!

  8. Love the enthusiasm of the chat/banter/feedback during this slapper of a Yama match. Keep up the good work bruvva

  9. Na Flambino, there was landbased fighting in entire Norway.

  10. Flambass, just casually talking about all kinds of bullshit while getting yet another Kraken. What a great game for you.

  11. 0:10 SENTO KAISH!, My fav Japanese combat intro wish I could put that as the default everytime I played a Japanese ship

  12. Calling it now, the enemy kaga bought his way to T8 and has about 40%. Just look at those drops, he has no idea how anything works. Now I understand how some people think carriers are rng dependend or generally weak, if they dont even know how to tighten up their crosshair. Also what is this FDG talking about citadels from the front? Does anyone besides streamers know how this game works?

    • “So what you’re saying is that we need to buff the Kaga!” – Wargaming, probably.

    • @Peter Bayne Honestly, balance according to the stats of bad players is the only explanation I have for the existence of subs or Eagle and United States on the live server.

    • @BruderRaziel I won’t argue with that.

    • I mean…if any BB does it it would be yamato. But he just didnt expect constant 16-18k smacks throuigh the superstructure. And Flambass got absolutely amazing dispersion on those shots as well. I can understand why he was confused, but it was obviously not citadels. there was a time where he gave almost the right amount of angle where he *could* have been citadelled actually.

  13. 10:07 There was actually fighting in northern Norway, as German forces were retreating from Soviet forces in 1944. In fact, the Germans went so far to follow a scorched-earth policy during their retreat, which led to a lot of hardship and resentment from Norwegians after the war.

  14. im always impressed that he gets games like this even though half the time hes talking to chat imagine what he coulda done if he wasnt lol

  15. played my first Vermont game yesterday. had 250M credits and 3M free XP so I bought out the line from Colorado. 176K damage, 6 cits, 4 sinks with one very poorly driven Des Moines that was one shot in about 3 mins

  16. One thing to consider is not just the raw damage number, which is important, but the type of damage and the target. 50k damage matches with all 50k done to destroyers is a good game. 50k fire damage farmed on a battleship is less great but still valuable because forcing someone to use a heal because of fire damage is one less heal they have to use later. People commonly complain that someone is “farming damage” but that’s also part of winning.

  17. If at T2, playing the Mikasa with a secondary build and a ten point captain, you cannot rack up 30k minimum, you have failed. I mean, you don’t even have to fire the main battery to do that, and given just how incredibly awful the main battery on that boat, you might as well not bother except for practice.

  18. Just started playing Wow yesterday.. I know what’s coming at me soon lol.. but I’m enjoying myself so far in the low tier. One thing I would say is I would have loved a better tutorial about combats and all the hidden mechanics the game doesn’t tell you.. like how to fire only the front guns and other shits..

  19. poor Freddy didnt know what hit him. He actually thought he got citadelled while you just SMASHED him through the superstructure.

  20. If you want to be a good player, *do not focus on your damage dealt*. Because in many situations, playing for your own damage dealt means putting your team in a bad position. The thing you should aim for is _winning the match_. Sometimes that can mean leading the enemy on a wild goose chase, doing little to no damage yourself but pulling multiple enemy ships away from where the actual battle is. Sometimes that can mean just blocking a cap for most of the time. Sometimes it can be spotting for others, or laying down smoke for others. Sometimes it can be running away, staying alive and letting the clock run down, instead of risking it all for one more torpedo hit.

    At the end of the day, after a couple thousand games took all the statistical noise out of your stats, the ONLY value that tells you how good a player you are is the winrate. All others can be “padded” without actually being a good overall player.

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