YAMATO solo carries and saves the day || World of Warships

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Player: MrTonMou
Map: Ice Islands

User Description:


– Dream MM – Check!

– Broadside non-broadside things – Check!

– Good shots, tanking, and moving – Check!

– Some big luck – Check!

– Super close ending – Check!

ending is worth watching imo, hope you’ll like it 🙂

Big daddy Yamato solo carries and saves the day! (253k , 6 , 3159 base xp, clutch blind to save the game)

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  1. can’t stop laughting because of the two french who are talking in the chat

  2. Ahah, nice that it was accepted! I can’t stop laughing at the ending x) Thx Panzer! <3

  3. #frenchpower 😛

  4. RNG went full retard this whole game.

  5. The only way the French win fights xD

  6. Almost 20 minutes. Wow, felt like it had just started when I saw “2 min” remaining in the chat. What a battle. Cyclone + aggressive Yamato = excitement.

  7. good video *thumbsup*

  8. zao spread eagle and takes a 5k hit from a yamato LMAO THE FUCK?

  9. *Right, I am sick of having to complain about everything about these World of Warships replays that are submitted by retards, why the fuck does everyone think that getting such a good score was all from skill? IT WAS ALL LUCK, and I shall make this comment in great detail to see what really happened in this pathetic replay*.

    _But I swear I just don’t want people sending in these kind of replays because it doesn’t show any skill but luck_.

    _Oh and one more thing, of course a Yamato can easily get 200,000 damage in any game, so why watch this_?

    2:58 No one gets 2 citadels on the front of the ship like that, maybe 8,000 damage would be possible?, and as said that shot did not have any aiming intended and he just fired randomly if you watch closely, if you don’t see it then your basically a retard.
    4:58 Its not everyday that you can be lucky like this, dodging ghost torpedoes out of no where and barely miss them, if you think he used skill to slow down because he saw torpedoes, your basically noob and retard, but if you couldn’t tell the obvious, then your just a retard and that’s all.
    6:32 Please don’t tell me you would’ve thought he would get 39,000 damage from 2 citadels on a Iowa showing only his front part of the ship, like wtf did Wargaming do to this game? No one gets almost 40,000 damage from that kind of shot, *if you had one single thought that this was a normal thing and ever expected this to happen, even you thought of it for one second, I will delete your Minecraft account unless you either dislike the video with 5 accounts or unsubscribe from Panzerknacker*.
    8:55 Its not normal for someone to be mature enough to decide to not ram a destroyer when there in the way, I would’ve just rammed him for the fun of it, I don’t care if he gets team killed or not, its meant to be fun.
    11:04 So getting free damage off from a Mogami player that just rammed the island does not count as a earned kill, and look he’s even Tier VIII and he’s facing the strongest Tier X ship in the game, I guess that seems like a fair match, I don’t want think that’s true because I may get aids from black people.
    12:24 Now he gets another free kill on that Moskva, who else thinks that this is just a lucky game of getting free damage and kills?
    13:17 This Bismark player must be one of the worst battleship players, who the fuck shows there broadside to a Yamato, you would just be asking for a deletion to your ship, so for the third time in this match, he gets another free kill and more free damage.
    15:18 The only reason he got a 23,000 damage hit on that Montana was because he was not smart enough to know how to avoid shots and not paying attention, once again that shot was pure luck from competing against a shitty player.
    15:42 Its impossible to get a direct hit on a battleship when its sailing behind an island and not only that, he also got the kill on him too, whoever this Yamato player is, needs to have a 7 day ban from playing World of Warships, because its quite rude to be getting good scores from using luck like this, its known as cheating.
    18:49 I don’t care if I hakusate about this because I swear he must’ve used some kind of hack to be able to get a ghost shot/kill on that destroyer that’s FAR RANGE AND IN SMOKE, forget about him getting the 7 day ban, he needs to have a 30 day ban for hacking and he needs to make an apology to Wargaming for using such luck and submitting the replay to Panzerknzr/whatever the fuck his name is I don’t know.

    But in all honest this replay/video needs to be taken down and Panzerknacker needs to only accept replays that are shown for pure skill and no luck, after that happens I can finally stop making these shitty comments for no reason cause I have nothing else in life to do but drink bleach.

    *_And if you would like to read one of my previous comments about my complaints about these replays well here it is_* :

    _He is not using any stragedy, he is just recording his lucky moments of getting free kills and that’s all, one ship getting destroyed at a time with no support, you saw what happened, seeing a real replay with earned kills and damage, would be like fighting non stop, dodging nonstop & using a good stragedy, this video was 0% of that_.

  10. I knew that damn MO was going to be a problem.

  11. carries and saves the day? More like sails around like a vulture picking off the near dead

  12. I was laughing so hard at the end when the Khaba was shot in the smoke

  13. Christopher Matarazzo

    blind fire

  14. Noob destroyer….

  15. He didn’t stop one single fire

  16. Rename this video to “Baby Seal clubbing”

    Since that’s all it was… not worthy of a replay IMO…. anyone can club baby seals in a Yamato

  17. what did you expect, with *this*

  18. ZAO Troll armor FTW!

  19. dat last shot… @_@

  20. FTB의 도라에몽

    At the end of the game.
    That yamato’s shot was impossible…
    Well done with your RNG.

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