Yamato the Stormbreaker – 8 kills in a cyclone || World of Warships

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  1. What the lucky noob there !

  2. the musashi inflicts the same amount of damage, doesn’t it?

  3. Boss 460mm

    • most of his damage was early on broadside noobs, you could punish that with any T9-T10, even with 380mm guns. And for later game, Yama + Moskva was the ideal duo for cyclone: overmatching Yama AP + BB-resistant long-range radar cruiser dealing with DD and HE spamming. They just mopped up low HP or isolated targets.

  4. Scrolling to zoom in 2018.

  5. OMG GG that first was a 1 shot pop awesome video thanks for the share

  6. I love watching a solid Yamato play 🙂

  7. has anyone ever received free doubloons from that app or is it a virus?

  8. Fallout 4 Nuka World

    Die Yamato war das stärkste Schlachtschiff mit dem Kaliber überhaupt daß jemals gebaut wurde.

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