YAMATO – Yamamoto Carries the GAME – World of Warships

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  1. Who else wants HMCS Habakkuk!?

  2. The talent bruh

  3. Yamamoto REALY safed this Yamatos A** =)

  4. Note to Smolensk captains. Play her as an open water gunboat dont sit in the middle

  5. λ§›ν•˜μ–€

    Now AM 7:25 in korea this video made to me like a breakfast

  6. 12:50 payback time starts

  7. Uchuu senkan Yaaamaaatoooo

  8. Bruh , the last kill u waited for them to dmg him

  9. this guy shat his pants of luck so many times.. he could have been torpedoed before he sank the CV.. but no, the CV went elsewhere XD

  10. True miracle in game, not bad friends

  11. +1 for Gearing in team red

  12. just luck. shouldve killed the des moines much earlier, instead of incurring so much damage, having a cruiser sending HE at his back all the time.

  13. This yamato captain even can’t believe himself that the enemy CV torps some other ship when he has only less 4k hp

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