Yamato + Yamamoto Isoroku +Kraken = FUN every 13 sec || World of Warships

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Yamato + Yamamoto Isoroku +Kraken = FUN every 13 sec || World of Warships – Anolight X Yamato
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  1. Yamato + Yamamoto Isoroku = Yamato Isoroku

  2. Dat reload boy ? zaos will run away from this

  3. Uchuu senkan Yamatooooooo

  4. I fear no man
    But that thing…
    It scares me

  5. For the 13 second reload we all came to see: skip to 10:27

  6. Well the real Admiral Isoroku did have his flag on Yamato during WW2. On another note, that Kraken heal (almost resembled the Conquerer) and 13sec reloads on 460mm guns…that is a scary thing.

  7. Jesus man, stop following the shots, really annoying and unnecessary.

  8. God tier Super Mega heavy cruiser: Yamato

  9. World of battleships or kill steals?

  10. Do you full secondary build ?

  11. Nice game, lucky at times but the result is what matters. Also, love the shell tracking, it’s good to see how shots land.

  12. following your shot in game is perfectly fine, keep doing what you like and enjoy the show 😀 nice work btw.

  13. “Teitoku is on board, must impress him!” —-Hotel Yamato

  14. Everyone spresd the word,its way easier and it makes sense to call yammamoto admiral yammy

  15. since we got a Yamamoto we need a Hitler as well. guess who is better

  16. 2 nukes wasn't enough

    Most op ship in wows great accuracy and penetration and reload module most powerful armmor

  17. some say that its almost i possible to miss yamato….that bastard missed whole salvo ?

  18. In response to the person who said he was lucky, I’d say at the beginning he was actually pretty unlucky.   Had full and extended time broadsides early on at medium ranges against the baltimore, the hindenberg as he turned back in C, and the chap (which he eventually did kill but only on the shots after the 3rd reload), and RNG didn’t give him anything notable except overpens and or straddles.    Those 3 could have been nuked on the very first try had RNG been even remotely kind.

  19. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    With a 13 second reload you might as well forget stealth build and go full secondary build – for maximum beast mode…

  20. Only a little lucker…. No Skill!

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