Yamato – Yamamoto – Legendary MOD – World of Warships

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  1. Uchuu senkan Yaaaamaaaatoooo

  2. Absolutely ridiculous that even a Yamato with Yamamoto kraken has to be afraid of an HE spamming Conqueror. I don’t care what people say about Conq not being OP according to statistics, that fking HE spam is massively toxic for the game and needs a nerf.

    • Spreadsheet says it’s balanced.

    • The best part is when they only shoot HE, even on cruisers and they do more damage to them than with AP. Destroying all their AA, torpedo tubes and main battery. Conqueror it’s cancer, but Thunderer it’s Cancer^2

    • sebastian arley at least thunderer is locked behind coal… conqueror is a tech tree ship

    • Honestly, I think here the problem is the Yamato and not Conqueror. Because of its achitecture, Yammy has shitload of hull to fire at and even if its deck is quite protected against small HE cruiser, it’s helpless against big HE. I did something like 16 or 17k in one salvo with my Conq on a Yammy, but I’ve seen Bourgogne doing the same. And it happened to me once to do a 12k salvo with a Yoshino.

      After opening the game I compared Yammy with the other BBs, the higher part of the flanks (with low plating) is by far bigger than any other ship. I think that is the problem.

    • I agree the ship along with few other ccs is cancer in the game, but without that gimmick conq would be garbage

  3. 15 sec reload wow

  4. Error: Name Not Found

    11:40 the part that yamato got a heavy cruiser reload

  5. that last shot 0_0

  6. ahmedrugo20 Ahmed

    This is epic battleship 👍🏻🔥

  7. That 4 cits on broadside montana is so satisfying.

  8. Yes, thank you for posting this WG, I have NEVER watched a battleship game in which a player sits back the ENTIRE match and shoots enemies from 18km+. I was truly getting sick of watching bb players go in and brawl other ships, that’s boring to watch…This is not at all boring to watch(I being sarcastic btw)

  9. 7:50 oof, that’s a lot of damage !

  10. 2:55 which one to shoot, so many people wanting to die!

  11. Louis van der Wath

    Campers, boring.

  12. My Yamamoto legendary Yamato kraken was a loss. killed one with that super loading then they all disappeared ☹️.

  13. Nothing beats that Yamato gun sound! 😏

  14. Montana -Yamamoto-legendary mod pls plsss

  15. Can you still get this captain?

  16. François Greasem

    7:48 Nice 🔱

  17. How to transform Yamy into a mega super cruiser with 13sec reload 👌🔥

  18. yamato and aspot ariplane for range… lol noob.

  19. Games in the stream? Anyone know. Please answer.

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