Yamato – Zao and Shimakaze massive carry || World of Warships

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  1. enemy yamato noob


  3. he is not like killing them but more like collecting them if that makes sense… man I’m high

  4. Oh look, Runner357 getting salty again. What a surprise..

    • John Smith Who have I been shitting on lol? Are you really that fragile? Come on mate

    • Oh come on man, don’t play the saint. I’ve seen many videos/been in games with you guys raging out at people. Not at all, you could call me all manner of things and I wouldn’t really care, at the end of the day it’s just a game. I just don’t think it helps the team at all. Funny as it may seem, most players don’t want to come on and take abuse for 20 minutes simply for not being as good as you at the game.

    • I can’t stand for what my clanmates do, I can only stand for what I do. What is it with you talking trash about OMNI everywhere on youtube?

    • What? I think this is the first time I’ve commented negatively about OMNI.

    • John Smith If you say so, sorry for the mixup

  5. The enemy BBs are just too bad

  6. so, how many people can throw a game at once by camping the top of the map? Answer: 11:32

  7. Refusing to engage in action only to push in when everyone is low HP or as back as you guys were all the game = carrying? Haha I learned something new today

    • Ambrose Mcdonald Ehm, you need to watch your own replay then. Our DDs refused to move up and SOMEONE had to move up. Everyone can’t sit in spawn you know. Then add some typical pleb focus fire because of OMNI on top of that and there you go. But hey, 5D STRONK!

    • well 5d did carry you… so you’re welcome i guess 🙂

    • Ambrose Mcdonald ❤️

    • Ill be sure to yolo like you next time, instead of stopping most of the enemy pushing through C to surround us. Work out well for you 🙂

    • Because that’s exactly what happen, Mr. Snow. Spot on. I know you were 15 km behind the actual fight but you can actually see what’s going on by looking at the minimap.

  8. What he doing to the end? U don’t understand that. More luck than skillz.

  9. He never used R 😀

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