Yodo Mastering – World of Warships

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Yodo is the latest addition to World of Warships and a lot of ppl seem to complain about it.

When I hear stuff like that I insta get an urge to prove them all wrong…even if they’re not wrong I still want to see if I can make it look as if they are.

So I’ve been playing some Yodo recently and oh yes I definitely can xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Greatest YOLO ship

  2. How the “F” did your Conqueror only get 57 XP in a win???? Did it have hands?? Or was it too busy eating at the ye olde glue trough??


    Man when all the 18 shells flying out and hitting something , is not it so satisfying ?

    • @I_NAMELESS_I – JGSDF “he did 10k to yodo” yeah he actually complained that the only time he can reliably do damage is to another yodo, lmao. Anyway, I want to see how you play. Maybe you know something that neither flamu nor flambass know (they even ranted about it in several videos). Can you post a how to video?


      When i said it doesn’t have low damage, yes it means it doesn’t fcking have low damage. And i even bother to explain to you what i meant by this, seems like someone didn’t even care to read more than two sentences if at all. Because all you care is what a streamer telling you, how sad.

      And why did you take him saying ”the only ship the Yodo is good against is against another Yodo” as a complain ? When he was literally farming the Conqueror and Schlieffen for 5k – 6k per salvo, so maybe you should think that he was just simply joking ? And for some reason doing 5k + damage per salvo to battleships with a light cruiser is considered low damage, you are expecting this ship to do 10k everytime or something ? LMAO

      ”Oh noooo my streamers told me this and that, so i will not listen to you, ” ffs will you please get a life.
      I’m not going to wasting my time recording me playing. All i can tell you is i have been a IJN main since i started playing this game in 2015, 73% is the time i spent playing Japan, the rest is other nations. I play 40% of time with destroyers, 31% with cruisers and 20% with battleships.

      41 battles with the Yodo with 51.22% WR, 92 742 average damage.
      You want me to tell you how i play my Yodo ? Well, i simply using my brain to understand what to do and what not to do with this ship and focusing on playing the game, making it work instead of finding something new about this ship and bitch about, although this might be difficult for this playerbase to follow sometime.


      Like seriously you are not even playing this game, you are playing some shit on mobile, no wonder you knew nothing, your information came from your favorite streamers and you will take everything they said as a fact without second thought, i really hate people like you.

    • Seriously, i reccomend IFHE, 10k salvos on BBs is so orgasmic


      @Seth Drost
      You’re god damn right.
      I built IFHE for my Yodo aswell, while 37 mm might not be enough to pen some ship decks but that is not really the point why i took IFHE, i just wanted to be able to pen 32 mm and it works!
      I rather have less fire chance but do more damage than having more fire chance and also more ricochets.
      Beside 18 guns are neough to give you fires every now and then even with only 6% fire chance.

  4. I will never understand players like that Gearing. Wasting the last minutes doing absolutely nothing, instead of yoloing and get a little extra dmg of.

  5. You could call that a Katsu carry.

  6. I noticed something on the post battle screen that I have run into on my post battle screen. He got just a flesh wound but did not kill the PR. Just ANOTHER bug in this game.

  7. “we found the ship yodo is good against! IT is another YODO!”

  8. Ive been watching you for years now. You are the best gamesmen ive seen so far. gracious loser and a gracious winner. You have been constant all through your career in WofW.
    Its as much a pleasure to watch you play today as it was the first time i watched you. Well done.

  9. 7:30 does anyone else see the torps dodge and weaving?

  10. The best thing about your videos is that you don’t play music in the background.

  11. “Go slurp a noodle”, I like the new name

  12. There’s a couple of people on the EU forum who thrash on this new line every time they can. No opinion other than theirs is valid.
    They have never played a single game in them. Not even once.

    Regardless of his opinion, at least Flambass plays the damn ship!

    I’m disapointed in this line, and find the 150mm guns and Yodo to be fairly ugly. But I love Gokase and find Shimanto to be actually enjoyable.
    These ships get too much hate, quite frankly.

  13. I’m yet to figure out what this ship is good at. It feels like a jinan but it traded almost everything that makes jinan good for range

  14. Katsu curry is amazing with potatoes and carrots

  15. katsu curry is pretty cheap to make, just some oil in a pan, panko breadcrumbs and some chicken, an egg and some flour.
    Add some rice and you can get away with the prepacked sauce sauches for like 50p

  16. Nothing like getting an extra heal consumable from your legendary commander in a ship you’re unlikely to live long enough in to use said consumable. 10/10, would recommend.

  17. flamu be like oh he is shooting he i am fine when i play that ship i am scared even of he coming my way 😀

  18. crap, wish you’d hit 100k already…

  19. You know, between Flambass and Jingles I thought I’d seen every ship in WOW. But not this one, is it new? Great gaming, love your work. Take care and be safe. 🙂👍

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