YODO Tier 10 Japanese Light Cruiser 1st Match – World of Warships

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Brand new ship in the brand new mode, the new Japanese tier 10 light cruiser Yodo, in new mode, Airship escort.

I think some things could have went a lot worse and some could have went better, but all in all it was a pretty decent match. I will be playing it more in the future for sure and tell you my second impression as well.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. YODO – You Only Die Once

  2. Yodo – how to cram armament of two light cruisers into one light cruisers.
    Now we are waiting for 24-gun battleship.

    • The historic Type 5 15 cm gun had firing cycle of 6 seconds in a land based installation. I have no idea W-T-F Wargaming was thinking to nerf it to 12.5 seconds,

    • @Legiran welcome to German and Japan haters created ship game… Still sore losers after whooping they got decades earlier…

    • Forge 16 Hanada Maintenance Drone

      @Legiran The Imperial Japanse Army and Navy are known to have opinions on each other. It’s not hard to infer that if they install an army gun on a naval ship, not only does it have just not enough HE penetration, but also would they have to file an application to the Emperor that has to signed and returned before firing their main gun, thus increasing the firing cycle.

    • @Forge 16 Hanada Maintenance Drone Historical plausibility already went to the realm of bullshit by arming these ships with army guns. I just wished Wargaming didn’t crank this bullshit to eleven by more than doubling the reload time.

  3. it seems like Yodo is similar to Azuma, it defense and support okay but can’t change the flow of the game alone

    • Seems to be a nice summary of most of the IJN ships in-game.

    • Many people pick meta ships not just because they want to top the scoreboard, but also because they know 9 times out of 10 they need to team carry. I like playing all ships, but im left with a bad taste in my mouth when i pick a ship that’s only good for supporting and my team dies the first minutes of the game.

    • @Tsnelo well.. at least when in Zao you can dodge and HE really punch a lot of ships with alpha and penetration.

      Yodo? HE can’t penetrate most BB, mostly only superstructure.
      But… my friend like it though.

      Torpedoes are the main weapon but you know torpedo is not reliable and if you want to play torpedo boat so much, Jinan has better torpedo

    • @Meganoob BG That’s my point… you control nothing in the game. You have great torpedoes gimmick but if there is nobody spots the enemy your torpedoes will be useless

  4. Flambass: “Hey, this ship isn’t that bad.”
    Trenlass: “Noo you’re supposed to hate it, the ship is too bad noo!”

  5. Trying to understand the logic. Light cruiser with 155mm guns and 11sec reload, while DesMoines for Example has 203mm with 4.8 reload

  6. it would be better if it was at least an 8 second reload. but sadly you need AR and a kraken just to see 7 seconds with it, and then it really spits out fire after fire.

  7. Regardless of it’s performance it does look the part, it’s a way coolllllll looking ship imo, that and I am like no. 666 lol.

  8. They went with 6×3 150mm guns when they should’ve went with 6×4 100mm guns. Yodo would work significantly better with Harugumo guns: more anti-air, more penetration damage and more fire lighting capacity.

    • @HoaxPositive The firepower Smolensk has gets carried by the smoke. Without one, a ship with tons of firepower isn’t as oppressive. Plus, I wouldn’t mind the exact same reload as it does currently, but with an extra gun per turret, which isn’t an insane amount of firepower either.

      Sadly, Wargaming takes popularity into account for balancing and japanese ships are too popular; they inherently get toned down.

      I don’t play or even own Zao because I find her uninteresting compared to my Yoshino, I mostly played Shimakaze and now play Yamagiri since the addition of superships. I also played Kitakaze a lot before, a ship I prefer to Harugumo especially since I’m running the unique upgrade for the latter.

      Though since I joined NOKAP, I need to learn a variety of ships for Clan Battles and Japanese cruisers, both old and new, lack about everything required for that.

    • @dzello So turning it into a bad japanese copy of _Smolensk?_ Undergunned and shorter-ranged? Should have had either _Agano’s_ 152/50’s, or _Mogami’s_ 155/60’s.

    • @D Phalanx No, read better.

    • Forge 16 Hanada Maintenance Drone

      @D Phalanx No, he’s looking for a sci-fi ship with 6×4 100mm guns with 150mm ballistic characteristics and 3-4 second reload. I don’t know what to say about it but to shut up.

  9. “Steel – The competitive resource” Totally proved by players like this Bourgogne ;D

  10. Seems like a tier V light cruiser with tier 10 firepower.
    Just exploding randomly etc.

    • I wouldn’t even call it T10 firepower, IJN 127mm don’t have improved pen, so you are depending on RNG for fire dmg, as they don’t pen most BB’s armor. On top you get 10 sec reload instead of the fire rate of Colbert, nor do you get the shell arc of Smolensk. On paper it may have a lot of dps, but in practice not really.

  11. 11:47 “Is not as maneuverable as you would expect something that has so many fast turning turrets”. Worst turning circle than a Yamato, figure that WG reasoning…

  12. The real problem with the Yodo isn’t that it’s “bad”, it’s just that it’s basically a T10 Ibuki in the 2023 ships meta. You can play it, but no matter how good you do in it, you probably would have done better in pretty much any other T10 cruiser.

  13. That camo Trenlass has is from the Japanese Cruiser event in the armory. You could only get it for Japanese Tokens. Which is a shame, such a good camo on such a mediocre ship.

  14. Think all this ship needs is a 10 sec base reload and significantly better AA defence then it’d be a pretty good light cruiser in my opinion.

  15. YODO should have its own special YODA captain:
    “May the force be with you”
    “Hmmm. Destroyed an enemy battleship we have.”

  16. _”I’m not a big fan usually of cruisers that depend on torpedoes._ *_Because that’s not how you’re supposed to play cruisers.”_* Flambass not a student of Naval History, confirmed, because that is *EXACTLY* how the Japanese trained to “play their cruisers” IRL. Heh-heh. A crowning example of how this game has distorted things to the point that I’m not sure if you could win using _actual naval tactics._ Definitely an Arcade Shooter and not a Sim; despite the ship detail and game mechanics (for shooting/maneuvering). A pity really. I’d hoped for more.

  17. They turn fast, so you can have your full DPM on target all the time. All the 17k less-than-Helena DPM

  18. 2 yodo’s or 2 jinan’s can throw out a ton of torps which is great for this game mode. i imagine this ship is very difficult in a campy random game though.

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