Yolo of the year ??? World of Warships

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  1. gianluca bidinot


  2. Smärto M. Zimmer

    4:24 poor yammy

    • Aleksis Daniels Ekks

      I cry every time!

    • As a Yamato player, the exposed citadel sure is annoying, but you just have to live with it. That Yamato player put himself in a really bad position by going middle. Not to mention he didn’t even know about the front citadel weakness, lol…

  3. I’m not sure what I just saw… but a Yammy getting taken out in one salvo… Mom get the camera!!!! The tables got turned for once…Wow going to have to watch that again!

    • andreas pedersen

      Well.. The Yammie got some of the thickest belt armor in the game… The problem is that a decent part of the citadel is above the waterline which make it VERY vunerable to brawls. a shot into its flat broadside can make heavy cruisers get citadels. Also… at an 45 degree angle you can also penetrate its front citadel-armor. Why? I’m not sure it you have checked its armor profile, but unlike many other BBs its armor got many angles which make it possible to penetrate it. If its forward armor didnt have this but regular box it would be much harder. Bismarck does also have a weak front citadel. But its below waterline and covered with a lower bow armor at 60mm… but since the citadelarmor is JUST 180mm its possibly to citadel at a 45 degree angle 🙂

  4. Yamato powercrept confirmed.

    Please buff.


  5. gearing torpedo what the …!?! yes yes yes!! 🙂

  6. They all queued up broadside to die…..! You couldn’t make it up.

  7. Play of the year!

  8. Łukasz Łazecki

    gearing was noob

    • Aleksis Daniels Ekks

      Im sorry… Im gona be honest i had fucked up many torp launches… but im still a casual at T4-5 … His in at T10… Maby some friend lended his accaunt in a hand over… who knows!

    • The Yamato was a noob, Yamato doesn’t like getting rushed on his flank by a fast ship… What Yamato shoud have done is reversing or try to ram in the very honoraberu way.

    • Łukasz Łazecki

      true,but biggest noob was dd,he may did all in this situation,and he missed like II tier tachibana lol

  9. That gearing… really ?

  10. And it seems Frenchmen dont retreat only.

  11. look the guy with yamato in replay and look the guys that asking in here if this is a cheat and now you know what kind of players this game have with tier 10 ships …… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • its possible to “oneshot” a yamato, but imaginee you are full life in a BB and u get onshot’ed by someone…
      must feel bad 😉

    • i did that many times and yes its the weak point of yamato …. side under turrets !!!!!you must always remember that is a game and no real life …… imagine yamato in game to be like it was in real life …. all would have a yamato and only yamato and that it…… cause you would need nothing more!!!!!! i said that many ppl speak about cheat and don t know that ….. that means that noone spend time to learn the michanics of the game and the result is those guys to be the weak point of this game cause you and i for example spend so much time to learn those michanics and 3-6 ppl in a battle don t know how to use the ship they play so in order to take one x50% i have to play that ship 3-6 times …….

    • its not just possible!!!!!!!!!!! if you have a yamato broadside and you know the basic its a fact that you will take him one shot …. it feels bad so you run and learn how not to be one shot 😉

    • yes youre right ^^ (although i disagree that its a fact youre gonna oneshot him, cuz u can still get a bad dispersion.
      However at this range its very hard to NOT deal a great amount of dmg

    • yes ofc if you are from 13-23 km is harder but in that distance its almost sure 😉

  12. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Best mid rush ever

    Their Yamato is completely isolated in the beginning, why rush mid in the Yamato lmao

  13. 5:32 worst dd of ther year

  14. 7 citadels and than total miss on a broadside Hindy that was super close….
    Ahhhhh…. now I remember….that’s why I hate this ship 😀
    Not even gonna comment that Gearing…
    Hahaha I had to re-edit this comment few times cause stuff kept happening.
    Hans would be proud, I’m gonna repost this match in my discord cause it was rather fun watching all this happening xD

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Flambass ah come on, its a nice ship! Yeah, he missed the Hindenburg at that range, but wasnt it because he aimed too low? I think thats what happened. I played the Republic in the Space Battles and honestly, it felt like a great ship to use.

  15. Let’s repost this on pornhub.

  16. midknightfalconfan

    This is what I imagine will happen if I go up the middle channel. Reality is a bit different.

  17. 4:24 thats why i dont play French bb wich make you cry Ap shell with dispersion

  18. Hello, I am Vampy..Hope u guys enjoy this.

  19. The fuq did happen’ here? xD
    Yammy deleted pants down, gearing had a sudden shit rush to the brain and the New Orleans came yelling like a true Hillbilly … YeeeHaaaa gotcha now Baguette!!! Dayum Son….
    Neptune shot was awesome also, first Salvo, almost Nothing … Neptune be like: For the Queen, Lads!! French attack, tactical retreat. Baguette: Non Monsieur, C’est ne pas Possible, yu are englais.
    Best replay so far xD 😀

  20. Antimatter shells, no doubt about it.

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