Yorck DMG NA, EU, Asia Server Record || World of Warships

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  1. What a team, great game but this team, NC hiding and shooting HE and the Farragot trying to CV hunt ???

  2. Great Player

  3. I am pro an never even got over 200k dmg. rigged

  4. Yorck’s only problem is that AP can’t do long range shoot, or she would be a very well T7 cruiser.

  5. Just another glorified HE spammer. 2 battleships, broadside on less than 10km and spamming HE. This captain has no clue the capabilities of the Yorck’s 210mm guns and German AP.

    • At what point did I say I was angry about hearing the truth? First off, don’t tell me to toughen up when we are talking about a fucking video game. Secondly, why is it that you bring life up when that has NOTHING to do with what you said!?

    • Apparently, you cannot even recognize your own anger through your replies. The fact I hit a nerve calling out the lack of knowledge on the capabilities of the Yorck’s 210mm guns set you off with the use of gutter language and making demands. All point to you being ‘an angry cupcake.’ I’ll leave you with the last comment because that is something you must have to justify your immature and childish replies. Enjoy your next battle…

    • I am not being childish or immature at all… quit making assumptions. Plus, I don’t give a shit what you think cause what you think is wrong. You are the immature one to have to comment on this video being a douche, just trying to be an asshole. How about you just get a life and not do that, cause I’m sure you were one of few people who got annoyed by this cause you have NOTHING better to do then BITCH on a YouTube video’s comment section!

    • As an outsider to this comment thread, you are being childish and immature Jacob. A bit ironic telling people they are sad because they have nothing better to do than comment on Youtube, when you are doing the exact same thing.

    • ah, yeah you’re right. Gosh it took me that to realize. I am sorry Doobie and anyone who is reading this. I am being a jackass

  6. Oh God, another stupid bullet camera guy…

  7. Captain KD_Putrajaya

    admin, can you upload more video about Prinz Eugen german cruiser replay battles ???

  8. can someone tell me how do u get those vert crosshairs that they are using

  9. 아오 z키좀 안누르면 안되나…존나 정신 사납네 진짜…

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