Yoshino / Islands of Ice / “As the third sun rises”

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As far as ranking my ultra obscure title puns goes, this one… goes somewhere in the middle, probably.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: https://warships.net/PointyHairedJedi


  1. I’m guessing the ships you haven’t kept include the British light cruisers?

  2. Jedi not being the best WoWs player? He’s a derp? Who is spreading such lies and heresy? Oh wait nvm….I’ll be quiet now….

  3. I ❤ caption guy

  4. My overall damage record is in the Yoshino at 314k

  5. You may not be the best player but we still love you.

  6. Still a fun guy to watch and listen to!

  7. If derpiness and humility are what it takes. Nah it’s your commentary as well that I enjoy.

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