Yoshino – or the best cruiser of defense || World of Warships

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  1. Not Sure about this Trend…. Guys

  2. Finallyy!!! It’s about time Yoshino shine 😀

  3. No no AP…. Ap very bad….

  4. Unfortunatley, yoshino is not a money maker ship…..if you had used a musashi or Atago B, or a JB, probably you would have earned 2 milions of credits….

  5. Why mushasi removed from Japanese tech tree ?

  6. What is that enemy cv doing? lol

  7. that was a nice game

  8. Still baffled by that armor she has: used a Massachussetts to fight her once and she took 8 shells without a single pen to the hull from less than 10km range…. :O

  9. Lol he uses range mod instead of reload, and never fired a single AP shell…

  10. Bless from emperor guide you

  11. terrible to watch. constantly scrolling, illegible video resolution

  12. фугасо дрочер ((

  13. Seems like a fair ship, pity the 2 button is disabled!!

  14. Literally everything that he could use AP on was in front of him. Broadside Conq and Kremlin, bow in Mino and Smolensk, but the fight against the CV was absolutely pathetic. That CV should be dead in a minute with 2~3 AP salvos to the bow, instead he keeps using HE.
    Why even bother to play a ship with big guns if all you are going to do is shoot HE? This replay was actually painful to see here…

  15. Terrible player with a lot of luck

  16. Careless with his torps!

  17. 12:25 and at that moment he realised…

    hey i can farm planes from this

  18. even if he did a good game he is actually a bad player.
    he never uses AP ammo, even on broadside enemies at short distances.
    he prefers to shoot enemies at 15km rather than destroy the enemy cv that is in front of him a few kilometers.

  19. for defense is the player OK, good support. but win the game are others. He is lucky in this team not in other side.

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