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Discussing the Yoshino in her final version as of 8.5, talk about traits her playstyle. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Yoshino Replay

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  1. Notser what are your thoughts on the Naval Training centre?

  2. Guys, wait for smolensk and colbert. Those are OP af.

  3. Your NTC rage video better be on the way.

  4. ЛентяйЁпта

    I wish I got the Yoshino over the Georgia

  5. i play my Yoshino like my Zao, those 12km torps are just perfect for it

    • Yeah it tanks a lot, you only need less than 431mm in front of you, angling properly and bounce all the shells

  6. I just wish it was more of a legit battlecruiser and not just a huge cruiser, in other words it’s fragile.

  7. Yoshino: look mommy I killed a Cruiser in 1 salvo!!!

    Yamato: Look Musashi, my daughter grows so quick…..

    Musashi: I know

    Azuma: but mommyI thought you-

    Musashi: No Azuma….. No……

  8. Loving my Yoshino. Was really surprised how impactful the 20km’s are. Those guns are great. Although the citadel is higher than my Zao, I found the extra width paired with a narrower citadel means a lot less pens are converted to citadels when I’m angled. I have been thinking about IFHE because I always end up kiting a Kremlin. Every game.

  9. Hendrikus de Tuinman

    I keep blapping this ship in my yamato, I love it when its on…..

    • yeah hit once Yoshino for 50k in one salvo from Musashi, yoshino got mad and wanted revenge he dodged few shells and then yeah.
      I’m not sure i want this thing it got worst armor by far even minotaur doesnt eat pens that easily sometimes its overpen.

  10. Can we all take a moment and realize how much of a G the Izumo is who was at 8 health dodged a torp then dodged Iowa shells. While shooting and was able to use his repair party.

  11. I like playing the Yoshino too. It is clearly a glass cannon, and one misstep and it is done. But that is the balance. I have found the 20km effective, but I also tried the commander skill that boosts the speed which gives you 16km range at 67kts. Not sure it was worth the skill points but it is an option. I also use spotter instead of fighter. I think it is effective at shooting stationary ships at range. I also have the Azuma, which is also a fun ship, but it sorely needs something. Keeping it a glass cannon is fine, but anything, better concealment, or maneuvering, stronger heal, or just a little more deck armor, to make it playable would be nice.

  12. Calls a Moskva a battleship, You are learning Notser Senpai

  13. Even Notser admits that the Moskva is a BB. When he scored that torp hit on her he stated that he had scored a torp hit on a bow tanking battleship

  14. Create a problem: Russian armor is too strong for HE. Sell the solution: Yoshino

    • False. There were already numerous counters.
      Battleship HE: Even 380mm HE will Pen 60mm armor. Also, let’s not forget RN BB HE and most of all, CONQUEROR.

      Though lots of Cruisers will struggle with 60mm deck armor, there are still good FIRE STARTERS. Get the RU BBs to burn their DCPs. Let’s not forget we have had Tier IX-X IJN BBs with very thick 57mm, 58mm decks already.

    • Ifhe yamato 🙂

  15. ‘Battlecruiser’…heheheh, yeh right.

    HMS Hood.


  16. wow, god tier example of camper+HE spammer 130k dmg 0dmg taken …
    21 km range on 310mm 16sec reload?

  17. I have enjoyed sinking this boat is a pain on the neck, luckily today have the opportunity to have on him 3 cits with my kurfur..love it.yoshino is a dangerous boat if play correctly got me a headache few days ago.

  18. So there is this general misconception in the WoWs community that project B65 (Azuma/Yoshino) was planned to be a battlecruiser. It wasn’t. Wikipedia contributes to this by saying B65 was designed to counter the Alaska Class. It was not. I did not have the armor or guns to counter the Alaska class. It was actually designed before the IJN knew about the Alaska class and was authorized after they learned about the Alaska but not to counter it in direct combat. WG pulls info straight from it Wikipedia and says it was to counter Alaska.

    B65 was the IJN looking at the KMS concept of pocket battleships / long range commerce raiders and furthering the idea. B65 had a very impressive planned operation range for a cruiser and high speed. Her armor would have been enough to deal with gun fire from lesser cruisers and her guns would have superior to lesser cruisers armor. Whatever she could not gun down she was fast enough to run from. Does this sound familiar? It should if you have read anything about the Graf Spee and her sister ships. The KMS went the other direction and enhanced armor protection resulting in Scharnhorst and her sister but they still held to the concept of better armor than lesser ships, guns that could kill lesser ships, and speed that could out run bigger gun ships.

    If B65 would have encountered Alaska it would have turned away flank speed and avoided an engagement. If B65 would have encountered a convoy escorted by a Baltimore CA and Cleveland CL it would have had a field day.

    To further this, there are supporting theories that the IJN wanted to establish a base from which the could launch convoy raiding/interception on the west coast of the UnIted States and even down to the Panama Canal. This was obviously way more than they could bite off but there is evidence to support the theories. The invasion of the Aleutian Islands for example.

    • 689 mol entertainment

      Why would it run from Alaska, it could even try to fight an entire convoy of American ships with carriers, destroyers and battleships, like Iowa’s and midways

    • 689 mol entertainment I think you misunderstood what I meant by convoy. I’m referring to supply ships and oil tankers. B65 was designed as a hit a run ship that could choose it’s fights.

    • Jake Di Guistini

      The alaskas where built after the B65s were designed. They were meant to counter them, had they been built

    • Jake Di Guistini this correct and consistent with what I am saying. The B65s were being designed and planned prior to IJN knowledge of the Alaska. The Alaska was planned as a counter to it. The USN had the ability to build Alaskas and did so. Once the IJN had knowledge of this, they authorized the building of B65 but had no means to do so. They authorized the building not because the B65 was to counter Alaska directly but because they would be a force in being that would tie up USN forces and because they were a design on the table that would have been faster to implement than starting from scratch. Wikipedia states the B65 was planned in response to the Alaska, false. Alaska was built in response to the B65 plans. B65 was planned as a force in being convoy hunter that could operate independently for long ranges and pick and choose it’s fights to as much an extent as planning could allow for.

  19. 500th person to like your video. Notser, thanks for the excellent video and commentary. It was very thorough and actually felt like a review. Happy 4th!

  20. Single salvo with my Yami 460mm’s, double citadel and enemy Yoshino down 45k health, and BTW, it wasn’t even broadside!

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