Yoshino the Universal murderer || World of Warships

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  1. I’ve actually never seen these ship do anything other than eat citadels…

  2. well played sir

  3. People think that Yoshino is just like Azuma
    They forgot that Yoshino have 4×2 610mm oxygen Torpedoes so Kek to his Torpedoes sunk kills

  4. lol. Playing Yoshino:
    -yolo tanking like T10 BB
    -yolo torping like à T10 DD

  5. Final stats? Torps, big guns and smoke you never popped, nice ship.

  6. You watch videos like this and you think thats easy, i will try do exactly same thing.
    Game starts , someone shoot at you from the end of the map and.. boom devastating strike..

  7. Well played!

  8. I will try ap next time ,thank you

  9. I like my Yoshino, but I’ve never managed to achieve that level of cooperation of enemy ships…

  10. old_rust_ bucket

    Are those sandbags protecting the forward AA gun mounts (0:53)? With all the steel WG is giving away in Ranked I guess they ran out of it towards the completion of this ship. 🙂

  11. seems like the tier 8’s drew the short straws. Great matchmaking

  12. Yoshino is a real assault

  13. wow, nearly AP only played – nice

  14. well played. 1st time I see a Yoshino player using AP and not spamming HE from the map border 😀

  15. Miguel Angelo Rego

    Why this camo(Azuma) was removed from the Yoshino?

  16. GG 🙂 but this 1 to 1M. The exception who confirme the rule

  17. So this should be like Alaska class but double torp launcher per side?

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