“You are the last player” – World of Warships

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Player: iJoby
Map: Big Race

V-170 – 6 Warrior – High Caliber –

User Description:

It was that kind game you hate to hear that sound “You are last player” the enemy has 5 ships remaining, inc 2 ’s, my dead team-mates giving me some good encouragement, what have I got to lose, either KILL those 5 ships or at least die trying, so, I killed them all, and won the game.

The German DD line is getting some bad publicity by top streamers such as Flamu, so I thought I would try them and so far I have ground to T4 The V-170, and with a 7 point skill captain I do not have concealment, but I love these DD’s, the armor can take a pounding, the guns have great range, you get 6 fairly decent range torps, and manoeuvrability isn’t too bad.

This game was good, a 1 off, where some enemy and friendly players are still learning skills, angling my ship at the right times firing torps at the right ships, firing guns at the most dangerous enemy ships such as DD’s to make the task a bit easier. to me, I played my part in this game near enough perfect, a few faults, but hey! we all love to get that Solo Warrior badge.

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  1. you mean The last Hope i think ;)

  2. Top WoWs streamers hate German DD because they are heavily reliant on
    torpedoes as they lack stealth fire capability. Firing guns means instant
    detection and at high tier when DD are spotted you will get focused down.

    At lower tiers you can pull thing like this off. Still a mighty impressive
    show here however.

  3. i hate that kawachi with a passion. has to be the shittiest ship in the

  4. sickkk

  5. This kind of shit isn’t hard when ur surrounded by idiots on both sides…


  6. New edit! I like it Panzer 😀 +1

  7. Excellent use of the Manner Circle at the end to let him flood out. It
    doesn’t see enough use in the German BB meta.

  8. I thought it was a rather good game.

  9. That kawachi was hilarious I can only imagine what he was thinking. Lmao.

  10. Had the V-170 on the enemy team have a clue about his positioning, this
    could have easily been a victory on the enemy side

  11. The intro looks like me trying to play when I’m lagging xD

  12. That Kuma… He new where the destroyer was, and he had hydro!

  13. Judging by the utmost low skill level these last 6 captains had. I am
    fighting to prevent myself thinking 4 letter words to describe the skill
    level of the protagonists team. Which in fact managed to get killed by such
    skill level almost completely wthin 10 minutes. iJoby Congratulations!!!!

  14. I need to know what the intro song is! Its from the ost of the game right?

  15. Christopher Matarazzo


  16. ladies and gentlemen this is how you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

  17. I was pressing “Z” to follow the torpedoes. hahaha omg

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