You can’t hide from BLACK in World of Warships Legends

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  1. USS Frank E Evans DD-754 🇺🇦

    One ship I’d love to see them add in is the USS Samuel B Roberts DE-413

  2. Always bet on Black…Wesley Snipes – Passenger 57. I did also put the Black camo on her too…Permanently and fully modified and for commander I’m using Gleaves with Bey and Atago. My torp concealment is around 0.5km with a speed of 47 knots, reload of 64 seconds and a range of 14.5km.

    • Try dewey on black you can use Will to rebuild and you are able to get some hit points back

    • @Stefano Z. Won’t work unless you have someone with you within range and fighting another destroyer or dodging a carrier but against cruisers and battleships forget it because it can only heal so little you can get shredded especially rapid firing cruisers plus you need to disengage against an incoming torpedo. Will to Rebuild works better with battleships running together and ships with a heal.

    • @Stefano Z. Will to Rebuild only restores 20% of total health and 8500 is not 20% of the total health from Black and btw did you run alone or was there a teammate with you within the range of the perk because i find that hard to believe unless you have a video to prove it and Black doesn’t have a heal like Kidd.

  3. Your content is always worth waiting for. Very good stuff, thanks.

  4. i know the feeling, i accidentally deleted a 260k damage game in the vanguard way back in the day

    just gotta use it as motivation to get an EVEN better game

  5. Skipping this campaign. Black isn’t unique enough for me. I already have the Friesland and Z-23 for hunting down other DDs. The weak radar and slow ass torps are a turn off for me. It’s just too meme-ish of a ship.

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      @pgrapidz sunmers be like next update… u will be uploading lots next update huh lmao I want an izumo meme video

  6. We are still needing a good CA campaign.

  7. Damn, that definately tempted buying the campaign…

  8. Hayden Glendenning

    Banging content as usual

  9. Eliezer Tarafa Feliciano

    I will like a vid in the Dreadnought

    1.Its tanks
    2.It hits like a freight train
    3.HE is good and it can one shot any destroyer in sight

  10. @Eliezer Tarafa Feliciano so california?

  11. Quality gameplay with the black

  12. A good player can make any ship work. You are.

  13. The only ship I want WG to add to legends is Daring as an LT DD. Hopefully they’ll add it at some point

  14. Could we see a Vladivostok video at some point? Its a fun BB that’s overlooked by most of WoWs players. Great video with the new destroyer, those torps are soooo slow though

  15. 4:52 now that’s just flexing, showing your 5 win streak

  16. 希伦克斯格Emeric

    Appreciate your vids, can you do a video on the Gneisenau next time 🙂

  17. Got you in your Black LOL. GG (OG-NIHILUS, Yamato)

  18. Sorry about that game in the intro. Our whole team stayed on that side of the map that whole time

  19. Pg: 13 is such a random number for radar
    Me: look at the hull number and make the connection

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