You Can’t Make This Up! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. I can’t wait to see what happens in this one but for some reason i have a feeling that ima have a nice luagh.

  2. I can just imagine spartan going ballistic on chat

  3. The party chat was hilarious, no joke spartan was losing his mind with this 🤣 😂, could not stop laughing.

  4. Complete Randomness

    2 monkeys jumping a football… I’ll keep that one in my wows legends dictionary

  5. The USS Gearing, the new legendary American destroyer is insane, it has 16.5 km torpedoes and okay speed, 66 knots

  6. That last Fletcher turned into a Salt and Vinegar Potato!!

  7. “All of that and a bag of chips

    And we give him the salsa as well”

    Best line by Spartan elite 43

  8. Omg, that ending is frickin hilarious
    GG Spartan

  9. I’m crying hahaha… gotta love throws that aren’t throws that could have been throws. Great vid Spartan… brightened my morning.

  10. The is the definition of task failed successfuly failed successfuly failed successfuly…

  11. Kaiser Wilhelm II The Greatest


    “It’s just a flesh wound!”
    – Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  12. Lol. Spartan, this is the kind of stuff I deal with on a daily basis. Yamato wasting his salvo knowing Fletcher is suicide torping and wastes his shot would have made me lose my shi…I mean cool. Please for the love of God people! If a DD is suicide torping. Do not waste it like Yamato did. Be patient and hold your shot till they start turning to torp…..

  13. Spartan even at close range you need to lead your shots. At the beginning of the match you said u got robbed, but u aimed right at the cheek not in front of it so you ended up hitting behind it. Even at close ranges it will surprise u how long it takes shells to reach a full speed target

  14. 😂 I learned a long time ago that if I don’t lead my team we are losing. That’s the case 95% of the time. Last rank season I gave up at 7 cause like 12 losses in a row. Somehow I wasn’t losing stars but I certainly couldn’t gain any.

  15. Either way you still would’ve died to the fletcher HE spamming you to death unless you take him out you won’t survive

  16. The new update is out guys !!!

  17. Was so fun.. didn’t think the could potato soup hard

  18. I had back to back games with just utter garbage people the other day

  19. I agree with you spartan sometimes you can’t rely on your team to get the job done.

  20. “Now we get into what i like to call two monkeys humping a football” lol thats funny!

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