YOU HAVE TO ‘SEA’ THIS!! – World Of Warships Gameplay Funny Moments

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  1. I can’t ever un”sea” that pun

  2. 2nd comment: Wow im So Early!! 😀

  3. deadpool the kid

    Hi mini I love all of the videos you make

  4. 420 views lol

    I know its a dead meme.

  5. I guess I’ll make like the ocean and W A V E goodbye.

  6. Hi Mini Ladd

  7. Andrew Mclaughlin

    Hey mini Ladd ??????????

  8. “Wait until you SEA MINE”

  9. Nice video mini,looks like a great game!

  10. :Name: <---- That's a bot mini, you played co-op

  11. He knows all those maps? Nice one Mini!

  12. Lmao mini pretty much just started the game and already realized the issues of camping battleships. XD

  13. Wait untill WT naval comes out 😉 this shit will die, Also massive naval. nah it’s one ship.

    • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

      WT naval forces beating WoWS? Nice meme.
      WT hasn’t even beat WoT and you expect it to come and beat WG’s most well managed game…

  14. 50% Ship puns, 30% Purple hair, 20% SpongeBob quotes. 😛

    • Cellian Exurianity

      An extra 10% of mini worrywarting and going “fuckfuckfuckfuck”, cursing or using “fuckadoodledoo”, “KOBE” or other absurd phrases as well. :p

    • And a side of 5% of “EARLY” and those kind of stuff comments

  15. Just FYI Mini. That guy was sitting at his spawn because he was a carrier. He has no offensive armament. Only a few defensives. His job was to send out planes.

  16. Some tips for you Mini:
    1. Let single fires burn out save your repair function for multiple fires and Hull breaches
    2. Going side on against enemy battleships with their attention on “YOU” that’s a paddinlin’
    3. Never go side on past a smoke screen, 95% of the time theirs a -frigate- Destoyers with lots of torpedoes aim right at you.

  17. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    “he has a slither of health” i believe the word is sliver. slither is what a snake does

  18. Funny profile name

    Why did you play against bots?

  19. I love World of Warships! Side Note, WoT and WoWS marketing teams are on point with what youtubers/channels they choose to sponsor

  20. i have play this game and very cool ? military game

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