you hear the SHOT – You dead – World of Warships Replays

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  1. 1st 😀

  2. IRL
    German warships, known to be verry accurate due to their twin gun turrets
    In game
    Da Ivan ! make soviet paper ship stronk by giving it railguns, and give german the worst dispersion in game ! uraaaaai !!

  3. あたまわるわる

    13:34 dude got Kamikazed

  4. あたまわるわる

    I like how enemy team threw the C flank completely and then stuggled to push A
    Republique/Vincent could be much better than Slava at that situation ngl

  5. Boring ship.

  6. The slava looks a lot like an Iowa!!!

  7. 13:32 Kamikaze!!!

  8. I made it about half way through this…… Fkn Snoozfest!

  9. Four Salvos after 5 minutes
    I did not finish this video 💤💤💤💤

  10. If he wouldn’t have taken three quarters of the time deciding between targets, his results would have been even better…

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