You Need to get this Ship | Groningen & Friesland

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Gunboat Destroyers are some of the most powerful ships in the game, also some of the most difficult to play. Learning the playstyle is difficult and often easier to rely on stealth/torpedoes that most DD’s have. Friesland/Groningen is different, it forces you to learn the playstyle with a great set of tools to make playing the ship relatively comfortable even though it doesn’t have torpedoes.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. I actually FXP’d this on Sunday and am learning how to play it. Definitely than what I am used to. It’s fun.

    • While the guns are going you are doing well. Still I have had matches where I got 3 or 4 caps and did very little gun boating. Now if you have back up at a cap, and are spotted see how much back up they have then decide if you want to charge. Then learn open water gun boating.

  2. She’s fantastic. Love her, but the concealment is somethign you really have to learn to play around. With double concealment it’s 6.4, which is trash. So yea, imo Groningen is a support DD mostly, and i usually play her like an annoying cruiser by opening up and ducking behind cover, over and over again. Also kiting away is really good.

    I’m hoping to get the Ragnar soon, too. Can’t wait to slap other DDs i radar with cruiser caliber guns 😀

  3. I bought the 8 mega Santa boxes, I got extremely lucky and got groningen through them

  4. I grinded out the free xp as a free to play player! Took a long while, but this ship was worth it!😊

    • If I’m just playing at a regular pace without really piling on the flags (maybe just running an FXP camo and a Papa Papa flag mostly) it takes me about 5 to 6 months or so to bank the million XP needed for a ship like this. I cant complain. This year starting in January I picked up Alaska (I got that grind done in less than 3 months starting at around 250K FXP), Nelson, Agir and Groningen. A couple of more cycles and I will have all the FXP ships available unless they add something. I’ll probably bank it for research bureau resets or to more of my commanders to 21 points at that point.

  5. I’d say you should switch the gun reload upgrades for concealment and super intendent. That’s at least how I find the most succes in the Groningen!😊

  6. one of my favourite ships, im playing with the same commander skills, its so much fun, even without concealment

  7. With the dpm of these DDs, I wouldn’t think the slight delay in switching shell types would be a concern. If it really is, hit the 2 key once and your next Salvo is AP without missing a beat. Also, what are your thoughts about taking Survivability Expert in light of recent information on its effect on saturation?

  8. Friesland was one of my favourite ships for the longest time. A ton of fun and super strong.

  9. I recommend using Klaas Janssen as captain because Pyrotechnician skill has +1.5% fire chance. (It was free from mission but you can get in the armory)

    • @Robert Shaver I dont recommend Jerzy Ṡwirski for non torp boat. If you put on Friesland you are wasting the best skill for the captain which is the torp reload. Jerzy Ṡwirski the best in the Halland because Halland has torps and good AA so you can use all of her unique skills. The enhanced Adrenaline Rush and the Torpedo Armament Expert is the best combo for Halland because of the fast reloading torps getting more faster so you can spam every 50 sec almost. I totally forgote Jerzy is also good for Smaland. Smaland has gun dpm so enhanced Adrenaline rush can help it. And also has torps.

    • @DeteCT0R I agree: I’ve Jerzy in my much played Oland. Oster and Halland don’t need him as much for tier ten games and they get too much respect from CVs. My Oland is a sleeper that most people don’t respect and they pay for it lol. 1500+ games in Oland: my favorite ship to play. Thanks for the info!

    • @DeteCT0R A pure gun build on jerzy works well on Friesland, Småland and Ragnar. I had him on halland with a torp build at first but the boosted adrenalin rush skill makes more of a difference than one would expect.

    • @Julian Its works well im not saying its bad for thoose ships for use Jerzy but you still get the more if you have torps on your boat. If you are using competitive then use other than a normal captain is already enough. Smaland and Friesland already over DPM most of the ship in their tier. Ragnar has lover DPM but has bigger gun for compensation. Other then free feel to use everyone where want its their captain not mine.

    • @DeteCT0R Yeah, I understand why people think it’s a waste. However boats like Ragnar and småland are so much more powerful than halland so even if halland gets a bigger boost from jerzy it will still be weaker and more situational.

  10. I would get the extended hydro time in the second slot so your hydro matches the smoke time

  11. I literally got Friesland yesterday from my free containers, along with München and a 90 day premium. Perfect timing on the video for me

    • Nice personally I got the molotov from the free ones but i have thr groningen bought it like a month ago in my opinion it is better to train a Dutch commander and since the pan euro line is torp focused

    • That’s a nice haul! I was hoping for some premium time… but nope.

  12. Groningen has the advantage on starting fires because of the Special Dutch commanders improved Demo Expert skill (whatever it’s called nowadays). It’s only an extra 0.5% but with the volume of shells you put out it’s a significant DPM bonus.

  13. Just gonna note while EU dds and groningen are essentially no fly zones for CVs you still need to play smart, going to use halland as an example but all the t9/10 dds in that tree/groningen are essentially the same in this.

    I’ve seen hallands with AA permanently on – you get spotted and die, long range AA is not as scary as close up.

    Hallands with AA off who don’t switch it on – well this is how I kill hallands in lexington. Enough said there, its like a yammy refusing to snipe, it’s one of your strengths and needs proper use.

    Those who pop DFAA with planes at max range – your AA goes red when you do, any CV with a brain turns round or recalls and you wasted that AA.

    Those who make AA traps – these guys are the ones you want to be, no AA until spotted (about 2.5k iirc, in year range anyway) , DFAA when you know planes have a good amount of time before they can escape, basically when spotted activate AA and hit DFAA, when they pass activate priority sector – using that order makes your instant AA damage from priority get the DFAA boost and maximises the time planes spend in your AA aura.

    You still want to avoid CVs where possible, but can be a damn menace to them when needed.

  14. One thing I like to do with friesland is max out the smoke and hydro. You get to crawl for 50sec.

  15. I have Friesland from before she was changed, and she’s easily one of my favorite dds. Can’t wait to get Ragnar.

  16. I got this ages ago and loved it for a while, recently started playing it again now I’m wayyyy better than I used to be and it’s such a good ship. Used it to train my swerski for halland 🙂

  17. 6:56 did you know that you can click one time to switch to ap or he and after you fire it will automatically switch without delay? I am using this a lot in bb to save that second or two

  18. The most instrumental piece of information I have seen in a while. You literally helped make an unplayable ship I had more than…
    I have had GREAT results in my Friesland since digesting this vid.
    Salute to you…thankyou!

  19. Friesland is really fun in legends, 1.4s reload actually decent concealment of 5.4 with my build. The average concealment on T7 is 5.1km. I played it in ranked and it was super fun, after I got the DD I just farmed BBs in my smoke.

  20. I just got the Groningen after watching this video from a Santa Container. Big thanks Potato Quality! I learned how to play this ship even before using it. Now I just broke my account record, 3k base exp and 135k damage dealt on the first game with only a 10 pt commander. This thing is ridiculously strong and fun to play!

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