You Sunk My Battleship! World Of Warships

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  1. 1 view, 8 likes 1 dislike. Nice logic there youtube, but hey at least your recommend videos algorithm favors me at times with entertainment.

  2. oh wow Levelcap playing wows? wasnt sure if i was on the right channel at first 😀

  3. Yes more wows content please!

    P.S. would you be interested in playing with fans?

  4. It’s a really satisfying game, I can recommend it

  5. I freakin love this game, more pls 🙂

  6. Carsten Schröder

    Hey, cool to see you play WoWS. Try the Shira with reload booster!


  8. Funny how my long time favoroutie gets so much attention by a lot of different people now 😀
    Who you playing with then?

  9. Yeah make more videos for this game. I’ve been playing it alot more this last week and it’s pretty fun.

  10. More WOWS! I’ve been playing so much recently. On PC and console

  11. if you want fun dds play the gunboats. It’s not about being unseen, it’s about being unhittable.

  12. I love it when you play WoWs and would appreciate seeing it more on this channel.

  13. I have no issues with more WOWS content! It’s currently my go-to game tbh. I don’t play it all the time but in cycles and I really like it.

    I’m more of a Battleship and Cruiser player because I enjoy the more “laid back” and tactical aspect of WOWS. It’s nice to get home from work, pop open flamu’s stream (WOWS streamer) on the second monitor as I play and chill a bit with a few battles rather than play a game that’s stressful and relies on adrenaline kicks to keep you hooked.

    Ofc I enjoy for example Battlefield as well and for that very reason, the adrenaline etc. But it’s not very enjoyable to play every single day after work in the evening when trying to chill a bit. It’s more of a weekend type of game when I can get into it more since I’m well rested and got more friends available to play with. 🙂

  14. I personally love watching WoWS gameplay so I’m all for more content on the channel

  15. MasterVideoStudios

    WOWS is very addicting, I’m getting close to unlocking Bismarck.

  16. Tier 6 and 7, right before radar becomes a regular thing. Radar is a dds worst enemy, well, that and aircraft carriers.

  17. Im actually playing the Legends version and having a blast!!! WoW Legends is amazing!!

  18. Yes please, more Wows content! Nice that you’re enjoying the game. Too bad the Shimakaze isn’t what it used to be with all the competition.

  19. I love this game, I’ve been playing it on my xbox one x, pc, and mobile

  20. Christopher Bravo

    You should play world of tanks, trust me…try out war thunder too, for a more realistic experience

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