You Were Reported 3 Times – World of Warships

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Trenlass said I should pick something that’s actually good and powerful in WoWS so I picked this. It’s not my fault, don’t judge me. I did however prove his point xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Even if I don’t spend much time on twitch right now. I am sticking here. And I just want to point out the obvious – that the numbers are not your fault. We all know wich company screwed this all up. I for myself quitted playing as a sign of non-conformity. Keep on rockin Flambino!

  2. Wargaming:

    “CVs working as intended”

  3. I love watching you kick ass in all classes of ships….. except CV’s or subs, that’s just sad.

  4. Out of this game for nearly 2years now and still watching Flambino vids…

  5. If only there was a World of Warships Classic. No aircraft carriers. No subs. Just fun.

    • @Justin Nichol I have not quit but my spending on the game is WAY down, and I play 99% of my games in Co-op.

    • Wow Legends is the closest you’ll get

    • @Justin Nichol And you don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. That’s the thing: there’s obviously some people who left because of X and Y but when you look at player numbers, search interest… People like you don’t matter. You’re a tiny fraction of players who left because of carriers and submarines that’s eclipsed by the majority who left for way more reasons. It’s why WG is going through with those changes: it increases revenue and there’s no loss, obvious choice.

    • @dzello Then how about arcade, realistic and sim modes ? It seems to be working for War Thunder.

    • @Rags Almighty Well you said it yourself: that’s War Thunder.

  6. even though i left the game 3 years ago i still watch trenlass, flambass and flamu

    • DayTheBanksCollapse

      Same. Sometimes I get the urge to go back, I miss the feeling of a couple citadels or a spread of torps. Then I see the super ships, the subs, the endless carrier waves, and I’m very happy to just watch.

  7. Dude. Who is not in their right mind drop you? 🤔You are one of the few that keeps talking sense when it comes to WoWS. Those that discount your opinion don’t know what they are talking about. Keep hanging in there for us. It is not you killing the project. I am with you until you decide otherwise. 👍👍

  8. Thanks for your personality , your contribution to the game . I once loved the game . I no longer participate . Watching you play this Carrier , would make any surface ship player , sick to there stomach. So sincere good wishes to you personally. Allow me to say W.G. is an absolutely world class , utterly dishonest gaming company . In my opinion the most dishonest , abusive collection of ” scumbags” I have ever seen . You know , there are good and bad people in every thing . Not all Russian people are bad . However , a sad truth is this company at it’s senior levels is Russian lead . Unfortunately the “Oligarch” method of “Ethos” is the holy grail by which this corporate culture manifest’s itself . This is a direct result of the leadership provided. These people seem to follow the belief “That if I lie , steal and cheat my customer base , as long as I can show financial gain . ” I am a winner” In true oligarch tradition. Well gl best wishes Flambass

  9. That submarine should have performed a simple maneuver

  10. I’ve been reduced to spamming Missouri in co-op. I only play if a friend pings me. The game is insufferable. Player fatigue is a thing and they’re ignoring it.

  11. Liberal sock puppet

    There should be a reporting option, “Player used CV or sub” that does nothing.

  12. I was the Zorky on the other team, one of the reports was probably me, -1 for every sub, every CV both sides until I run out of reports – thats the rule

  13. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    Reporting truly is the “alternative way to interact” with CVs and Submarines. 👌

  14. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    The automated features on the CV mothership are utterly moronic. Balancing handling your ship and planes properly should be a skill CV players needs to learn and stuff like setting fire to the mothership to force the player to recall his planes to DCP should be a legit strategy to fight/harass as well. But noooo – automate that shit because WG apparently sees the need to baby CV players for some reason.

  15. Proud of you for giving the CV some of its own medicine with almost equal parts disgust. 😉

    • If only cv gameplay allowed that. Considering that you can fund 2v2 or even just 1v1 cv. Why can’t cv players be fighting eachother for air dominance?
      Whilst the battle is happening, it the skies above are planes battling it our for air superiority. Something that will make fighters more useful and may possibly help balance CVs better by allowing cvs to defend their own teammates from air attack. The one thing I really wish I could do more effectively.
      Carriers have fighters for a reason war gaming.

  16. I watch on YouTube, I enjoy your commentary. I play WOW at 78 years. I find your game play educational and entertaining

  17. The 2 in “Fox 2” is not the number of missiles but the type, I think 2 is Infrared. It’s a warning to the fellow pilots so they won’t get locked by the missiles by accident.

  18. My guess is: 1st report: U-boat, 2nd report enemy CV, 3rd one: Smolensk… so pretty much all ships thet used to be reported themselves 😀

  19. Submarine: literally exists

    Carrier: *your free trial of living has expired*

  20. My last day playing World of Warships was me in a Leander, getting focused by aircraft carriers and dying in 2 minutes.
    It didn’t matter how many ships I travelled with (unless there was another Leander being bait), I would always die in 2 minutes to the carrier 100% me.
    After that, I deemed it not fun, and now the closest I get is watching Flambas for shenanigans.

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